Video: Sekitar Banjir Di Kampung Temai, Pekan

A Cat, Rat and Blue Jay – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A little brown cat,
Sits in the garden,
Playing with a rat,
Who’s name is Jordan.

The cat loves to play,
With Jordan everyday,
They are good friends,
Playing together all day.

On one rainy day,
Jordan sits in the garden,
Then comes a blue jay,
That scares little Jordan.

Jordan steps back,
Slowly to escape,
But the bird just pecks,
On the vine, and picks a grape.

It gives the grape to Jordan,
And Jordan says thank you,
Jordan thinks the bird is nice,
The cat likes blue jay too.

So the three becomes friends,
And they all live together,
And so since that day,
They live happily ever after.

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