Khairy, A Trojan Horse?


There is a leader who hold three important posts in the government of Malaysia as well as in his party.

His name is Khairy Jamaluddin, and he is the Sports and Youth Minister, the UMNO Youth Chief and the Member of Parliament of Rembau.

As a youth leader of his party, he must understand which party he is representing and who are the members of his political party.

On September 3, 2014, he launched Proham secretary-general, Datuk Dr. Denision Jayasooria’s biography at the DUMC.

There are three things I must say about this:

  1. Dr Denison is one of COMANGO‘s activists.
    So why must Khairy launch a biography of an activist who is fighting against the Federal Constitution and the policies of Khairy’s political party, especially ‘ketuanan Melayu’ and Islam as in the 2011 DUMC case, kalimah Allah issue, bible issue, Article 3(1), Article 121(1A), Article 153, Article 160 and others? Khairy COMANGO has lots of agendas against the government and is fighting for the opposition party to take over the Malaysian government.

  2. DUMC is a church.
    Why in the world a Muslim leader like Khairy Jamaluddin must go inside a church, just to launch such a book? If Khairy does not bother about the sensitivity and feelings of the Malays who are represented by UMNO and who voted for Khairy’s party in the GE13, why can’t Khairy, as a Muslim ask for the book launch to be held in another place instead of a church?

  3. And why DUMC?
    Has Khairy forgotten the DUMC case where on the 4th day of Ramadhan 1432/2011, JAIS received a report that there were Muslims attending a church program at DUMC and they were having dinner even before Maghrib? So JAIS went there to investigate, but were stopped by the church’s people. JAIS, UMNO and the government were badly condemned and blamed by the Christians, opposition parties’ leaders and also activists who are now involved in COMANGO, when according to the law JAIS did the right thing.

Is Khairy an UMNO leader who really does not care about the dignity of Islam, the feelings and the sensitivity of the Muslims who voted for UMNO which made it possible for him to become a minister?

Please do not hurt the feelings of those who support UMNO in order to be popular among those who hate UMNO.

I hope his boss’ll remind him to remember, understand and uphold the 7 Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu.

Please click for larger image. (Photo credit to Uncle Zul Noordin's blog, zul4kulim).

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

21 thoughts on “Khairy, A Trojan Horse?”

  1. Mulai dari sekarang semua orang IUMNO wajib mengetahui AGENDA perjuangan UMNO…
    Semua orang UMNO Wajib memikirkan untuk memilih pemimpin yang tidak ada beban Moral dan pemimpin yang tidak ada jati diri ..
    Semua orang UMNO wajib memilih pemimpin yang punya Visi dan Misi untuk membangun Agama bangsa dan negara dan BUKAN pemimpin yang punya Cita Cita kerana cita cita itu hanyalah dorongan untuk memenuhkan tembolok dan kantung sendiri, keluarga dan para kroni ..


  2. As salaam,

    You see the pic with bright and clear eyes.

    I believe there are Anwarinas in BOTH PAS and UMNO as part of a strategy to unravel and destroys these muslims and malay parties from inside just for some sicko to be in power.

    We already saw it happening in PAS with the set up of Pasma recently. If given the opportunity the Anwarinas in UMNO will do the same.

    KJ tiada jatidiri Melayu, I believe his blue and allegiance are more PKR than BN, UMNO is just a shortcut for him to climb the stairs of Sri Perdana. If Pakatan won the PRU, KJ will be the first to sign up with them. None of what he championed are honest, more like self promotion, same like his idola Anwar Ibrahim. These two are “tin kosong” banyak bising without any substance.

    In PAS, you have Husam Musa and Mat Sabu, in UMNO you have KJ and the likes of Saifudin Abdullah wanting to banish the Sedition Act, playing to the tune of the PKR and DAP. Why should we? When we obviously need this Act to manage and control those who feels they can destroy the unity of the nations via their words and acts? We need ISA and the Sedition Act to keep the peace of Malaysia.The USA and Singapore know better by keeping their Sedition Acts intact. So who is Saifuddin to tell us we don’t need it after all the recent events. But off course Saifudin is just echoing what his boss wants.. that is PM Najib.

    PM Najib listens to PKR and DAP’s demands and doing all the items the Opposition wants him to do, ie banished the ISA and now he wants to banish the Sedition Act. He listens to the Bar Council who are obviously an arm to DAP. So shudn’t he resigned as an UMNO president and perhaps join PKR or DAP? PM Najib NEVER EVER listens to what UMNO members and the Malays that VOTED him in to be PM have to say nor do what they want him to do. He thinks by trying to appease the Opposition’s demands, he wl win popularity contest with PKR and DAP followers. For sure they will not give him their votes, when they only want the power. P M Najib doesn’t seem to get this. He continues to listen to the wrong advice, instead of the voters that elected him in.

    So what is your advice to PM Najib?

    Tun Dr Mahathir already withdrew his support for PM Najib after 7 years of observation and opportunity given, and now questioning his ability to win for BN in PRU14, as Najib is distancing the very group that voted him in. Najib is not doing a good job in running the country. His policies are not helping our nation to be strong. He is way too soft, his policies are not good for the country, spending money freely, but not finding ways to make real money for the country, and what is dangerous is his weakness to be popular, same virus Pak Lah has, this populist-citis has not left our UMNO leaders. He wants to be popular with the Oppositions at the expense of the Malays and UMNO. He wants to be friends with USA, so he wants to sign the TPPA at the nation’s expense. Both Pak Lah and Najib seem to use the PM seat we gave them, to run for popularity contests instead of being a leader and decision-maker.

    We UMNO members are sick of trying to get PM Najib to listen to us. We gave him 7 years, He doesn’t, he wouldn’t. So shudn’t he resign as our President?

    I know it is past your bed time, but it will be good to hear the view of an 11 year old on PM Najib’s report card.

    Also, what shud we do w the trojan horses? How can we put them to pasture without polluting the field?



    1. Dear Tun Teja,
      Thank you for writing. Yes, we do have Anwarinas in UMNO. It is very sad that some Malays have lost the pride and spirit of being a Malay and that money and power means more to them than the love of Islam, Malay and our country.
      I do not think that Najib is like KJ who has Regina Lee working for him. Najib did not give in to COMANGO’s demands during this year’s UPR in Geneva. Even the United Nations is forcing Najib to listen to COMANGO’s demand because those are also their demands. The oppositions are still very angry saying that Najib is listening to the Muslim NGOs.
      I think Najib loves UMNO but the problem is Najib is trying too hard to be friendly especially to win the votes from those who voted for PKR and DAP. He also wants to be popular and does not want to be looked as old fashioned like Tun Mahathir. But he made a very big mistake. When he listens and gives in to the opposition parties, he is actually somehow losing votes instead of gaining them. The Malay gets angry because they do not feel appreciated and taken care of and the non-Malay who support DAP and PKR will not vote for BN and will still hate Najib and UMNO.
      I think Najib must make sure that Putera and Puteri UMNO really do their work and understand the spirit of UMNO. UMNO leaders must be responsible and remember their sogan, membela agama, bangsa dan tanahair.
      When I’m angry about what’s happening, I wish for lots of things but my parents always remind me about what Allahyarham Ustaz Uthman El-Muhammady said, which was something like if we don’t like a Muslim leader, we cannot put him down by force. We must try to help him to be a better leader and also doa hard for Allah to help us; if not, we might get a worse leader.
      I really hope for Najib to be more Malay and not to be apologetic about having the Malay spirit. It is hard when Najib does not understand what is important and what is not to the Malays. Najib must do something about the Anwarinas in UMNO and tell them that he is the boss.
      We also need to do our part and not only blame Najib. We have to work together to make sure Najib and our government listen to the people who voted for them. It will not be easy but we have to try. I do not want Anwar to be the PM.


  3. Tahniah adik. Pak cik suka baca tulisan adik. Memang kena penampor direct ke muka KJ. Masalah org UMNO ini suka mencari populariti di kalangan mereka yg membenci dan nak menumbankan UMNO. Tetapi pemimpin begini buat tidak tahu aja dan langsung tak peduli perasaan orang yg menaikkan mereka.


    1. Dear Pak Cik,
      KJ ialah orang Melayu. Article 160 Perlembagaan Persekutuan mengatakan orang Melayu mesti beragama Islam. KJ juga ialah Ketua Pemuda UMNO. UMNO perjuangkan agama, bangsa dan negara, jadi KJ sepatutnya pertahankan Islam, Melayu dan kedaulatan negara kita dari pengaruh negara asing. Saya sokong UMNO. Saya tak mahu UMNO jadi macam PAS ikut PKR dan DAP.


    1. Melayu atau tidak bukana peroalannya .. yang penting dia Islam, mengamalkan adat dan budaya melayu , bertutur bahasa melayu … menjiwai perjuangan Islam dan bangsa Melayu … Kalau pemimpin ada visi .. itu pemimpin yang mempunyai iltizam mau membangun agama , bangsa dan negara .. tapi kalau pemimpin punya cita cita .. itu adalah pemimpin yang berjuang demi peribadi, saudara mara dan para kroni … Bukankah KJ memang terbukti punya Cita cita ???? so berhati hatilah weahai pendokong UMNO …


      1. Dear ninja,
        Thank you for writing.
        re: “Melayu atau tidak bukana peroalannya .. yang penting dia Islam, mengamalkan adat dan budaya melayu , bertutur bahasa melayu”
        My definition of Melayu is according to Article 160 of the Federal Constitution which says among others, “Islam, mengamalkan adat dan budaya Melayu, bertutur Bahasa Melayu” and others. That is why I’m frustrated and angry with what KJ did, because he is a Muslim and also he is the Ketua Pemuda UMNO. A leader must not humiliate his own religion and his own party. Pemuda UMNO must be patriotic and not only thinking of ‘lifestyle’. They must fighters, and they must fight for UMNO promises in its slogan.


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