PKR Leaders Posing At Perhimpunan Solidariti Gaza Dataran Merdeka

2 08 2014

Since The Malaysia Insider wrote that 50,000 people attended the rally, we can be sure that it was an opposition friendly rally, if not, the number will be only 5,000 or may be 500…

A Wall Street Journal article wrote: 

“In the interview, Mr. Anwar also clarified his position on homosexual rights and Malaysia’s sodomy laws, and also the Muslim-majority nation’s relationship with Israel.

“I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel,” said Mr. Anwar, although he stopped short of saying he would open diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, a step which he said remains contingent on Israel respecting the aspirations of Palestinians. Malaysia has consistently refrained from establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, although limited commercial ties exist between private companies in the two countries.” (Wall Street Journal)

Please do not use Gaza for political gains as some non-Muslim politicians using suraus and mosques for that reasons.

Anwar’s politician daughter and good friend, PKR’s politician Tian Chua are trying to show people that they “support” Gaza by going to Dataran Merdeka.

Actually, both of them totally support Anwar’s ideas.

So, I wonder if both of them even support Gaza, especially Tian Chua.

And I wonder if they only went there for political gain since they snapped ‘happy photos’ of themselves as if it was a happy gathering.

Below is Anwar’s daughter posing at Dataran Merdeka.

n_izzah Post tears hearing the tormented stories of our brethren in Gaza. Warn first b4 clicking tian!!

Post tears hearing the tormented stories of our brethren in Gaza. Warn first b4 clicking tian!!

And this is Anwar’s daughter and her good friend, PKR’s Tian Chua.


Anwar's daughter and PKR Tian Chua.

Anwar’s daughter and PKR Tian Chua.

Another nice and happy photo for his fans.

tianchua1963 1 hour ago · Dataran Merdeka With Batu PKR division member & disability activist Isaiah at the rally for peace & solidarity #saveGaza.

Dataran Merdeka
With Batu PKR division member & disability activist Isaiah at the rally for peace & solidarity #saveGaza.

But where is Anwar?




2 responses

3 08 2014

Adik Ahmad,

I have been following your blog for years now if not for the creativitiy and use of English at an early stage admiring to which i can teach my kids to emulate.

It is however sadenning now to see this personal blogs of yours to be more and more political, as this article above there was no political motive for the rally but purely a rally of support for our Palestinian brothers and sisters, yet a political agenda is being a target. I would have not expect this article to becoming from you pure Adik but would warrant if it was by the cybertroopers on a cyber war we know will go on forever.

I ask Allah for forgiveness of our sins and to cleanse our heart of bad intentions nor charateristics of mazmumah. I ask Allah that the work, writings and deeds we do is purely for the sake of Allah’s graceful blessing.

I also personally ask you adik to look back whay you have wrote before and stick to this objective. I fully respect what you want in thjs blog, afterall it is yours – just a piece of advise from me.


4 08 2014

Dear Abang Anas,
Thank you for following my blog. I’m sorry if you are offended by my articles on politics especially the one on Gaza rally.
TMI publishes articles saying untrue things about Islam, the Sultans, the Muslim activists and the Federal Constitutions. For example, the kalimah Allah issue. Then, I’m very angry when they keep on saying that Malaysia is a secular country which is not true and a real dangerous fitnah, so I need to write about it as what I learned from my father’s friends, Tun Fairuz and Uncle Naser Disa. So, when TMI reported that 50,000 people attended the rally, while others reported about 10,000 people, I asked why?
Both politicians that I wrote about support COMANGO. If COMANGO succeeded to get what they wanted, we will be like the Muslims in Gaza one day. Who is behind the NGO that Tian Chua lead? That makes me very angry, as well as looking at their non- Muslim friends freely going into the mosques for political gains. I have to say it because I do not want Muslim kids being cheated.
I love my country and I love Islam. Thank you for your kind advice and please keep on reading my blog.


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