One Cute Little Boy, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

One cute little boy,
Who goes to school,
He writes and reads,
And draws a bull.

Everyday the little boy,
Learns something new,
When he’s back home,
He knows what to do.

He takes his bath,
And does his chores,
He goes to sleep,
And softly he snores.


The Malaysian Insider Caught Lying

Credit to Cucu Tok Selampit.
Credit to Cucu Tok Selampit.

The Malaysian Insider (TMI) did it again!

TMI reported that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib broke his promise to attend the wedding of ex-Terengganu MB.

But please look at the photo below:

Credit to Cucu Tok Selampit.
PM Najib attending the wedding of the daughter of ex-MB of Terengganu. Credit to Cucu Tok Selampit.

So, TMI was caught spinning stories again.

And the best part is, TMI has deleted the post!

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