Jeff Ooi, “Sack That Selangor MB”

From Jeff Ooi’s Facebook.


DAP’s MP of Jelutong, Jeff Ooi, wants the Selangor MB to be sacked because of the water crisis issue.

But must we blame the water crisis on Khalid alone?

What about the Selangor Exco members?

Aren’t they supposed to take care of Selangor too?

And what about the good governance that the oppositions are talking about?

If the opposition parties failed to solve the water problems in Selangor, how could they govern a country?

As Jeff Ooi wrote,

“We never faced water rationing as protracted like this before, not even during BN days. 

Hmm… now, even an opposition leader knows that BN took care of Selangor better than they are doing now.

But I won’t be surprise if later on UMNO or BN will be blamed for their failure to solve this problem 🙂

NaPoWriMo Poem #25: A Sad Little Joey

One little kangaroo,
Living in a zoo,
Poor little one,
Feeling so blue.

It wants to be free,
It wants to run away,
It just does not like,
Being captured all day.

Then a good news,
Comes to the joey,
It’s going to be freed,
To be with it’s mother, Chloe.

File:Kangaroo and joey03.jpg

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