NaPoWriMo Poem #9: King Julien Of Madagascar

King Julien, a ring-tailed lemur,
From, ‘The Penguins of Madagascar’,
In the story animals could talk,
And penguins could drive a car.

King Julien, the self-proclaimed king,
A great dancer who loves to whistle,
With his subjects, Maurice and Mort,
In the zoo he lives, without a castle.

He tricked Dr. Blowhole into trusting him,
When he was actually on the right side,
He was a hero to defeat Dr. Blowhole,
And the four penguins celebrated with pride.

The world famous lemor, King Julian.
The world famous lemor, King Julien of Madagascar.

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

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