NaPoWriMo Poem #3: Hot Dry Spell


Hot, hot, the day’s hot and dry,
It’s raining sweat on my back,
It’s just too hot that I can’t bear,
Please, can I use an ice pack?

Hot, hot, everything’s hot and dry,
Ice melts, taps dry, felt like being fried,
Restless, annoyed, covered in sweat,
It’s just too hot to walk outside.

Hot, hot, everything’s hot and dry,
Being a tree is no more breezy,
Standing in the sun is no more easy,
Oh, it could even turn me crazy!

Dry spell in Malaysia had caused lots of forest fire. Green leaves on lots of trees turned brown as in autumn before drying and blown away from the trees. I snapped this photo on our way back from Penang a few weeks ago.
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