#MH370: Datuk Seri Nizar, Please Think Before Tweeting

9 03 2014

Above is a tweeter message by PAS’s leader, Datuk Seri Ir. Nizar Jamaluddin regarding the missing MH370.

He made fun of the tragedy by saying that, “a new bermuda triangle has been discovered in Vietnam waters”.

Can’t he understand that people should not make a joke of a tragedy?

What kind of leader is he when he did not care about other people’s feelings?

Nizar Jamaluddin, as a former Chief Minister of Perak and a political leader should be behave well, understand the difficult situation of the missing MH370, respect other people’s feelings and understand their suffering.

I cannot imagine what kind of government can the opposition parties offer when this is an example of one of their senior leaders.



3 responses

11 03 2014
#MH370: Khalid Samad Tak Faham Fakta? | Ahmad Ali Karim's Weblog

[…] March 8, 2014, another senior PAS leader Datuk Seri Ir. Nizar Jamaluddin wrote a tweeter message making fun of the […]


10 03 2014
SUe Kamikaze

simpati kepada keluarga mansa yang terlibat.


20 03 2014

Dear SUe Kamikaze,
It is a pity that some people like Datuk Seri Nizar are too busy making silly comments about the tragedy.


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