Gig Green Zone: ‘Konspirasi UMNO’?

A video of a heavy metal rock concert at this year’s ‘Karnival Muktamar PAS’ on Friday was shared on youtube.

A lot of people were stunned and speechless …

And some of PAS’s members and supporters who were angry to see the video said that the heavy metal rock concert was not their’s but another of ‘konspirasi UMNO’.

Well, it is quite logical for a heavy metal rock concert is not suitable for PAS, as PAS’s leaders claim that PAS is an Islamic party.

So, is that really an UMNO’s conpiracy?

Let us look at the video below:

In this video, PAS’s Arts And Cultural chairman (Pengerusi Lajnah Kesenian dan Kebudayaan PAS), Dr Muhaimin Sulam says that Heart Attack’s heavy metal rock concert is okay for PAS and that the concert is a good way to attract the youths to join PAS.

So what will PAS’s members and supporters (who said that the heavy metal rock concert was not PAS’s) say now?

It seems that PAS’s members are so confused that they could not understand what is happening in their own party anymore!

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