In Photos: Seminar Mendepani Virus Syi’ah

On Sunday September 8, 2013, I attended the Seminar Mendepani Virus Syi’ah at the Dewan Muktamar, Pusat Islam in Kuala Lumpur.

The speakers are:

1) Ustaz Mohamad Ismail

2) Ustaz Hamidi Ismail

3) Datuk Nakhaie Haji  Ahmad

4) Dr. Zamihan Md Zain Al-Ghari

Here are some photos of the seminar:

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Tokyo Will Be Hosting 2020 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee is meeting in Buenos Aires to decide whether to award the 2020 Olympic Games to Madrid, Istanbul or Tokyo.
The International Olympic Committee is meeting in Buenos Aires to decide whether to award the 2020 Olympic Games to Madrid, Istanbul or Tokyo.

Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Olympics!

Madrid and Istanbul lost in the Saturday’s voting by the International Olympic Committee in Buenos Aires.

Turkey is in a bad situation with the troubled Syria as its neighbour.

Anyway Tokyo has not yet solved the radiation leaking after the  Fukushima Nuclear Plant’s explosion on March 11, 2011.

So, Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe promised an effective cleanup.

Congratulations to Japan for winning the vote for hosting the 2020 Olympics!

The Mystery of the Missing Door (Chapter 7: The Message)

Please click here for: The Mystery of the Missing Door (Chapter 6: The Circus)

“Mic! Reen! It’s tea time,” called their mother.

“Mom, can we have tea at our favourite place in the garden, please? asked Pete.

“Of course,” answered his mother.

The children ran to their favourite table in the garden and took their seats.

“It is very hard to solve this mystery,” said Reen. “I haven’t been able to estimate the length of our suspect’s nose, the length of his arms, the size of his shoes and the size of his shirt,” continued Reen. “I don’t think we could solve it. There are…”

“Hello children. Look who is here to see you,” said Reen’s mother as she walked towards them followed by Miss Nyla. Miss Nyla carried a big tray loaded with home baked cookies and cakes.

“Good afternoon, children,” said Miss Nyla with a big smile. “I baked these lovely cookies and cake especially for all of you. I hope you’ll love them,” she continued.

“Lovely!” said Safora. “Look at those delicious chocolate chips on the cookies. And the cake looks so tasty with cream and huge, fresh strawberries! Thank you, Miss Nyla. You are very kind.”

Just as Miss Nyla and Reen’s mother went inside the house, someone on a motorcycle dropped something in front of Reen’s house.

“Hey!” shouted Mic as he ran to the gate. He saw a newspaper by the roadside and picked it up. “He’s gone,” said Mic to himself. Mic told his friends what had happened and looking at the newspaper, he asked,”Should we check this newspaper just in case if there’s a message or something?”

Then he saw something written on the front page of the newspaper.

“Tell 8910 a meeting Wednesday 9pm at the beach.

XYZ will lead the meeting.

555 of vd (burn after reading)”

“It’s a message to the guy called 8910!” said Pete. “But who is he and what is vd? Is it a place?”

“I know!” shouted Reen. “Seera Soora Sora of Cape Verde. It’s a code. The three fives are codes for three ‘s’ and vd is…”

“That’s impossible, Reen!” said Mic who was tired of Reen’s weird theories, before Reen could go on. “I think 555 of vd refers to somebody with a code name, 555 and vd means vanishing doors.”

“Good thinking, Mic!” said Pete. “555 could be a code name and vd could be vanishing doors. Clever, Mic”.

Mic smiled proudly.

“Now time for a plan. We’ll need someone to spy the meeting and someone else to help the spy send informations by texting to the headquarters. One of us will be staying at the headquarters which is here, to collect information and ready to call for help just in case anything happen.”

“I think Pete will spy,” started Mic. “Safora will assist Pete and I will be at the head quarters.”

“Right,” says Pete. “Today is Tuesday so we’ll better get ready for the meeting. Get your darkest shirt, Safora. We’ll be going there 10 minutes early and we would hide behind a closed stall. Mic, be ready about 13 minutes before the meeting. Understand, everybody?” asked Pete.

“But what about me?” asked Reen.

“I’m sorry, Reen. I forgot to tell you that you’ll be Mic’s assistant. Please make sure that both of you will not fall asleep. Now let’s get prepared!” said Pete.

>>>  To Be Continued  <<<

A Second Visit To

Last month, I had another chance to follow my father to office.

ikim conty
A photo in the studio, from left is Ahmad Ali Karim, Uncle Yusri, my father and Aunty Maslina Alias from

I was very happy because I was invited to join my father and Uncle Yusri Mohammad in the’s studio during the live interview.

Before the program started, one of the crews took a picture of us and posted it on’s facebook.

It was really great to be in the studio for a recording instead of listening to the radio.

It was my second experience in a radio studio during a live interview, my first was on October 29, 2012.

Hello Kitty Plane?

And here is EVA Air's Happy Music Time Hello Kitty jet. Obviously. It flies from Taipei to Sapporo and Guam.
And here is EVA Air’s Happy Music Time Hello Kitty jet. Obviously. It flies from Taipei to Sapporo and Guam.

Ever heard of a Hello Kitty plane?

EVA Air, the Taiwanese airline is already flying five Hello Kitty themed planes around Asia.

Enjoy the photos below …

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Beautiful Sights On This Incredible Planet From CNN

A rainbow created by the moon -- definitely worth a look.
A rainbow created by the moon — definitely worth a look.

Our planet Earth is very beautiful.

There are so many beautiful places for us to visit and enjoy their beauty.

But these places will be gone if we do not take care of our planet and if there are wars around the world.

Let us take good care of our planet and please stop the wars.

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Seminar Mendepani Virus Syi’ah