A Second Visit To IKIM.fm

4 09 2013

Last month, I had another chance to follow my father to IKIM.fm office.

ikim conty

A photo in the IKIM.fm studio, from left is Ahmad Ali Karim, Uncle Yusri, my father and Aunty Maslina Alias from IKIM.fm.

I was very happy because I was invited to join my father and Uncle Yusri Mohammad in the IKIM.fm’s studio during the live interview.

Before the program started, one of the crews took a picture of us and posted it on IKIM.fm’s facebook.

It was really great to be in the studio for a recording instead of listening to the radio.

It was my second experience in a radio studio during a live interview, my first was on October 29, 2012.



4 responses

9 10 2013

why my comment not you reply are you bussy dear ahmad.?


11 10 2013

Dear Tedi,
I am very, very sorry for not replying your comments. One of our note books and one of our computers broke down so I have to share one computer with my three big sisters who are also bloggers 🙂 And since my father is very busy, I cannot use his note book.
I was also busy reading about UPR because I need to make people understand about it. It is a hard subject but my mother and big sisters help to explain what ever that I do not understand.
Please forgive me, Tedi. By the way, have you read the email that I sent you?


15 09 2013

Alhamdulillah Iam very happy to see you againt.. how are you my dear ahmad long tim i not visit your blog, Minal Aidin wal Faidzin 🙂


11 10 2013

Dear Tedi,
Thank you, Tedi. It is nice to hear from you again 🙂


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