PRU 13: PAS’s GE13 Friday Prayer Atirre?

Today PAS’ official news portal, HarakahDaily proudly ran an article with the below photo saying that it is a new attire for Friday prayer.

“Terkini! Baju untuk solat Jumaat menggerunkan Umno sudah siap” “ada berani? allahuakhbar!”

The news of the attire must be very important to PAS since it was reported in their official newsportal.

HarakahDaily seems to be so proud of the attire and feels that the attire will frighten UMNO!


I wonder why must UMNO feel be frighten or felt threaten by it?

In fact it looks more like a pyjamas made from PAS’s flag to me.

Is PAS trying to make it a uniform?

It will be interesting to see their members and supporters in the attire :mrgreen:

Anyway I’m very happy that I am not one of them 🙂

That is why we should not vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT.

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