Stop Twisting Stories, PAS


Khairol Fahmi Mat Som tweeted that:

“Wherever there is money, there is UMNO.”

He is trying to say that UMNO is bad and only wants money and money and money.

Anyway Hafize Turbo replied saying that it was PAS who took money from donation boxes, donation for Memali and Kohilal and showed a photo of PAS’s volunteers busy counting donation money that they had collected from their members.

Are those UMNO’s money that UMNO’s staff had collected from their supporters? But why are some of the men wearing red UNIT AMAL PAS t-shirt? Are they double agents? And one of them even wears a PAS’s skull cap 🙂

Wow, there’s a lot of money on the floor.

So, where are the UMNO members as, “Wherever there is money, there is UMNO”?

Khairol Fahmi Mat Som, please stop lying and twisting stories and do not accused others for the bad things that your party had done for we cannot cheat Allah.

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Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

6 thoughts on “Stop Twisting Stories, PAS”

  1. That’s a lot of money! I wonder how many commission has been given to ‘penceramah’ PAS for every session to condemn UMNO. Our people are very generous, but I think is more blessed if we donate to Mosques or orphanages. Maybe PAS supporters feel by donating money to ‘Tabung PAS’ can guarantee them to heaven.


  2. Dear Adik Ahmad Ali,

    Sorry for not always be here but i wish you always in good health and happy with the family. I know about the malware attack against several WordPress blogs before but it is glad that your blog back to normal at last.

    Yes, you’re right. I was very busy lately since i’m part of the AJK members (Pemuda UMNO Seberang Takir) and there’s a lot work to do ahead of elections very soon. Frankly speaking that i’m not serious in politics but for this PRU13, it is very important to all members and voters to unite behind the government under Dato Seri Najib’s leadership hence to achieve a victory over 2/3 parliament seats.

    I pray to Allah that BN will get a great victory in the PRU13 and overthrow PR with an overwhelming majority.



    1. Dear Uncle Zulfahasan,
      Amin. Thank you for caring. Alhamdulillah, at last Google has removed the Malware alert from my blog yesterday morning and from my father’s blog the night before.
      I understand how busy you are since the PRU 13 is just around the corner. I am busy too 🙂 Last night I followed my father for a talk in Puchong. Last week I followed my father to Felda Chiku Satu and Felda Kemahang 2 in Kelantan. My father also gave talks in both places. It was the first time I visited the Felda settlements and it was fun. InsyaAllah I’ll write about it later. A few days before that we were in Langkap and then in Ipoh and the week before in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan 🙂
      For this coming election, I could see campaigns in lots of different places. It is always nice to see the flags and posters all over the places 🙂
      I am happy to have a friend who is part of the AJK members of Pemuda UMNO Seberang Takir. It is a pity that so far my father does not have any coming talk in Kuala Terengganu 🙂
      I also pray to Allah that BN will win in the PRU 13 and overthrow PR with an overwhelming majority.


  3. Dear Adik Ahmad Ali,

    As usual, PAS will accuse UMNO above all wickedness whereas in fact they are the ‘axis of evil’ that are willing to do anything even exploiting the kalimah Allah to non-muslims. A lot of evidence indicating that PAS abusing the public donations but it seemed to be ignored by the authorities. The latest scam is, PAS has set up “Tabung Perajurit Tragedi lahad Datu”.

    I’ve personally tried to transfer the money (via Maybank2u) into Maybank account no. 564025400414 and it’s shocking when it showed to my laptop screen that account actually belong to ‘Parti Islam Se Malaysia’ and not ‘Tabung Lahad Datu’ as supposed to. And of course i did not proceed the money transfer because obviously that account are not for our national heroes but actually for party PAS.

    I hope the authorities or the anti-corruption people immediately investigate this matter because party PAS was trying to deviate donations and commit fraud. To those who want to donate, please transfer your funds to the account established by Media Prima at Maybank account no. 514271339000 in the name of “Tabung Wira Lahad Datu”.

    CAUTION! Do not be fooled again and again from this people (PAS, PKR and DAP). We can stop them from continues destroying our beloved country in the PRU13.



    1. Dear Uncle Zulfahasan,
      It’s very long since I last heard from you. Thank you for the information. It is very irresponsible for PAS to do that. PAS should be ashamed of themselves for using the Lahad Datu tragedy to cheat people for money. PAS had collected lots and lots of money from their members and supporters. There are lots of photos to prove what they did. PAS is “Gila Duit” but they accused it is UMNO who cares about nothing else but money. Pity their supporters for trusting those kind of leaders. And the worst is PAS uses Islam to gain power.
      And I agree with you that Malaysian must VOTE BARISAN NASIONAL.
      By the way I guess Uncle must be very busy since PRU 13 is just around the corner 🙂


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