Mr. Mansuh – Malaysia’s Latest Superhero!

My big sisters found this new superhero video from Papagomo.

I am not a fan of superheroes, but I think that Mr. Mansuh is worth watching 🙂

Mr. Mansuh is a two-minute video designed by CGI.

Since Mr. Mansuh is a Malaysian superhero, the video is in Malay.

It all started with a red flare of light flying through KL and people asking, “What is that? Is it a bird?” and then someone replied, “It is an aeroplane”.

In the video, Mr. Mansuh seems to be very popular as it shows people cheering for him.

As he flies, he uses his powers to make petrol free of charge for everybody and they were also given free university education.

Then he crushes the boom barrier so that cars could go through the toll booth without paying.

Towards the end of the video, the camera shows that the national debt of Malaysia turning bigger and bigger since everything is given free.

It then shows Malaysia was destroyed because of him and after his mission was accomplished, Mr. Mansuh happily flies away leaving behind his supporters who were in great trouble because of him.

Well, it is something that Malaysians must think seriously about.

Anyway, I think that Mr. Mansuh looks familiar …

Don't they look alike to you?
Don’t they look alike to you?
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