Ustaz Azhar Idrus: “Islam Dan Kristian Bertuhankan Allah?”

29 01 2013

Is this really written by Ustaz Azhar Idrus? Screenshot from Paneh Miang.

I do not really understand the above conversation but I was shocked to read the part written by Ustaz Azhar Idrus saying:

“Islam dan Kristian bertuhankan Allah…Isa adalah Nabi umat Kristian dan Nabi umat Islam..”

When Ustaz Azhar wrote that both Islam and Christian worship Allah; does he mean that both  Islam and Christian share the same god that is Allah?

That statement is totally wrong and it is an example of Pluralism of Religion.

Christian’s god is not Allah; Muslims and Christian do not share the same god.

Is Ustaz Azhar confused because Lim Guan Eng suggested the Christians to use the word “Allah” in the Malay version of bible to refer to the Christian’s god or gods? (Please read: PAS Says, “Yes” For The Word “Allah” In The Malay Version Bible)

Ustaz Azhar always says that UMNO is really bad because UMNO do not fight for Islam and Muslims must not vote for UMNO. (Pease read: Ustaz Azhar Idrus, A PAS Candidate for PRU 13?)

So now if this screenshot is real, who are the better Muslims?

That is why the Christians in Malaysia are not allowed to call their god Allah as what the Pakatan Rakyat wanted because some people may get confused. (Please watch: Video: Naser Disa Polemik Isu Kalimah Allah)

And the Pakatan Rakyat supporters are always confused; please read: Himpunan KL112′s Most Popular Photo.

Or does he really believe that both Islam and Christian worship Allah?

What will PAS leaders say about this as Ustaz Azhar is PAS’s favourite religious speaker?

Can we trust PAS and Pakatan Rakyat to take care of our country?

*Please read: ‘Azhar Idrus Mesti Bersumpah’ by Paneh Miang*



32 responses

30 01 2013

I don’t like Ustaz Azhar Idrus from the understanding of the islamic faith among the muslims. He is just like PAS leader who’s always said other muslims from UMNO as ‘kafir’. His teaching also did not bring any benefits to ‘syiar Islam’ otherwise is only harm the Muslim solidarity.

I’m not sure if the above statement was from Ustaz Azhar Idrus but saying that Muslims and Christians have the same God that is ALLAH are very misleading. As we all know, God of Christianity is Jesus son of Mary (Isa bin Maryam) while for Muslims is believing only ALLAH yang maha esa.

The kalimah ALLAH is spesific only for Muslims and cannot be used by other religions. I don’t understand why Majlis Syura PAS acting ‘flip-flop’ in the decision of kalimah Allah. For PAS maybe it’s not important as long as it meets the demands of DAP in turn to work together in 13th General Elections.

I’m salute to Dr. Harun Din as he is clearly stand still to this matter and won’t sacrifice the dignity of kalimah Allah and muslims. Please listen to the speech of Datuk Dr. Harun Din from the Youtube:

30 01 2013

Dear zulfahasan,
I am very happy to hear from you again and thanks for the video. It’s been a long time since I last hear from you. I agree with you on the matter. He is like most of the PAS leaders who always say UMNO kafir.
I do not really understand Ustaz Azhar’s speeches but he likes to call people, “bodo” which is rude. I think he should join PAS :) I am sad to see people using Islam for politics and to gain votes like PAS. The oppositions are doing all these to confuse the Muslims and to accept their Liberalism and Pluralism ideas.
This morning, I attended, ‘Majlis Taklimat draf asas Memorandum kepada Majlis Raja-Raja berhubung Isu Memepertahankan Kesucian Nama Allah’. I had the chance to speak to a lot of wonderful people including Pak Cik Dato’ Dr. Hassan Ali, Uncle Nashruddin Mat Isa, Uncle Tun Ahmad Fairuz and other activists who love Islam and want to protect Islam as the religion of Malaysia as written in our Federal Constitution. May Allah bless us all.
By the way have you watch this video?

30 01 2013

Dear adik Ahmad Ali,

I was quite busy lately but sometimes i’m browsing your blog and reading your articles. I juz a bit tired to share opinions with you. Maybe after this I will try to write a bit comment related to the subject from your article. After all it’s not difficult to type in a few words, right? :-)

I’m also watched a videoclip from Naser Disa about the (word or term) Kalimah Allah issue and seriously he’s doing the best to explain people of the importance of preserving Kalimah Allah for Muslims only. Yes, I agreed with you regarding to misconduct of party oppositions (PAS and PKR) that often using Islam for politics merely to gain votes from the non-muslims especially DAP. For me this is a big threat to this country where the idea of ​​pluralism and liberalism are now influencing to our Muslims.

I hope every muslims in Malaysia regardless of which party they was to think clearly about the consequences to manipulate Islam as a tools in politics. Forget a moment about politicking and let us sit together and talks about the unity of the Ummah.

For Adik Ahmad Ali, I hope you to keep writing for the good of all of us. You are very talented to be a politician in the future. May ALLAH bless you always. INSYA’ALLAH.

31 01 2013

Dear Uncle zulfahasan,
Amin. Thank you and may Allah help us. I hope PR will not win the election and BN will become even better and we’ll get good leaders. Please pray for me and I hope to hear from you again soon :)

1 02 2013

good writing…

1 02 2013

Dear det,
Thank you very much. Please visit my blog again.

6 02 2013
ahmad albab

kalu x reti bab agama jgn cakap lebih2.ngok

7 02 2013

Dear ahmad albab,
Thank you for the comment. Please refer to Ustaz Uthman El-Muhammady, Ustaz Kazim, Utstaz Ismail Mina and other Ustaz who really understands this issue and understand pluralism of religion. May Allah help us.

7 02 2013
Zico Zee

Kamu reti ke bab agama? boleh huraikan sikit maksud UAI tentang kristian dan Islam bertuhankan Allah?? Kalu stakat cakap ‘ngok’ kat orang lain, budak terencat akal pun boleh bro.. Budak yang tulis artikel ni jauh lebih berilmu daripada kamu yang hanya berlagak pandai tapi hakikatnya kau tu pun 2×5 ngok!

7 02 2013

Dear Zico Zee,
Thank you for your support :) Please visit my blog again :mrgreen:

19 03 2013
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20 03 2013

saya pun tak faham mcm mana UAI boleh kata kristian pun bertuhankan Allah.Sudah dijelaskan dlm Al-quran yg agama yg benar di sisi Allah hanya ISLAM. Percaya pada tuhan yg Esa , tiada dua atau tiga.Kristian dan Islam tidak sama.kristian percaya pd Jesus son of mary(isa b maryam) tetapi ISLAM hanya percaya pd Allah yg ESA , tidak beranak mahupun diberanakkan.ALLAH YG ESA. jgn di peningkan kepala umat Islam dgn statement yg mengelirukan .Bagi saya ALLAH hanya untuk agama ISLAM.Kalau nak juga guna kalimah ALLAH,PELUKLAH AGAMA ISLAM.

21 03 2013

Thanks for writing. I pity his fans who will get confused by this issue. UAI is PAS’s popular ustaz and said that UMNO is not Islamic and told people to vote for PAS.
So, can we trust his words? That is why the government do not agree with Pakatan’s idea that ‘kalimah Allah’ can be used by othar religions to refer to their gods. People will get confused.

12 04 2013

Its a simple explanation by Ustaz Azhar Idrus.
Dia kata kita boleh menyintai seseorang yg kristen asalkan niat untuk menikahinya.
Agama Kristen asalnya adalah agama Nasrani yg nabinya Isa alaihissalam dan ajarannya adalah kitab Injil (YG ASLI DAN BELUM DIUBAH SUAI, bukannya Bible yg kita ada sekarang ni). Penganut kitab Injil diberitahu kedatangan Rasulullah dan WAJIB beriman dengannya setelah kedatangannya dan memeluk Islam dan ikut al-Quran. Seperti contohnya pendita yg bernama Boharah yg beriman dgn Rasululah dan juga isterinya Khadijah yg menerima Rasul terakhir.
Apa yg yerjadi sekarang ini org Kristen mengikut pelaran Injil yg sudah diubah suai oleh org yg tak mahu menerima Rasulullah dan menjadi sesat. Itulah sebabnya Ustaz Azhar Idrus kata Nabi Isa nabi org Kristen ( yg kini telah kufur) dan Nabi Muhammad nabi org Islam dan keduanya percaya akan Allah. Akan tetapi org Kristen sekarang percaya dgn trinity kpd Allah dan ini salah.
Kemudian Ustaz kata peluklah Islam bagi yg kristen itu untuk kembali pada jalan yg benar.
Wallahu a’lam.

Jadi fahamilah dulu kata2 ustaz sebelum melemparkan cacian kepadanya.
Minta maaf. Sekian terima kaseh

13 04 2013

Dear En. Muhammad,
Christian is not part of Nasrani as Syiah is not a part of Islam. Nasrani believes in Allah and understand that Rasulullah is the last prophert and Quran will be used instead of Injil when the time comes.
Muslim’s and Christian’s gods are not the same and beliving that our gods are the same as other gods is part of Pluralism of religion which is againsts Islam. Please read and listen to YouTubes from Allahyarham Ustaz Uthman El-Muhammady who has done lots and lots of studies on this subject. I learn a lot from him and other ustaz too.

15 04 2013

Hello Ahmad,

If you know, all muslims pray 5x a day and there is a surah that is a must read otherwise, there’s no solat done..
In that surah, the first 4 ayat we praised our Creator and the last 3 ayat we asked for His protection..
Among that we asked Him to protect us from were, deviating and confusing issues, lost of true knowledge and wandering in misguidance…
Islam dan kristian bertuhankan Allah.. Isa adalah nabi umat kristian dan nabi umat islam which is, ‘yes’ a true practising muslim must believe in..and ‘yes’ Islam and christians and all the creations in this universe share the same god ..ALLAH..And, that’s all it is!
If anyone think otherwise, from there we will be different in all aspect..
For example, if anyone said that God has a son or Jesus is God, from there onwards, we don’t share the same god anymore..
But still, whatever that is confusing and deviating, a true practising muslim will hold on to, Allah is the Creator of all creations in this universe whether if it’s clinton or obama or hitler or thatcher or moa tze tung AND, Isa alaihissalam, peace be be upon him, is the Messenger of The Creator, Allah..

18 04 2013

Dear Mimi,
Thanks for writing. I am a kid but alhamdulillah I attended a lot of seminars, forums and talks on this matter. I am very lucky because I met lots of people who have great knowledge about this matter such as Allahyarham Ustaz Muhammad ‘Uthman El-Muhammady.
I learn that in Islam we cannot be liberal about the Islamic laws like the liberalists do. Christians do not believe in the Muslim’s god and Muslims do not believe in the Christian’s god. Bible is not the kitab that Allah sent to Prophet Isa. Muslims believe that Allah is the only god and the creator and Allah is not the same gods that the Christians, Hindus, Buddhas and others believed in. We have to be very careful because kids can be confused and think that all gods are the same.

28 04 2013

Ustaz Azhar Idrus benar,semua yang ada adalah bertuhankan Allah.Cuma sebahagian makhluknya tidak mengakui Allah sebagai tuhan.

29 04 2013

Dear ali,
Muslims believe that there is only one god that is Allah. But since other religions have their gods we cannot tell them that all gods are the same because it is syirik. Muslims must be careful and choose their words wisely. We cannot be liberal and plural or mislead others Muslims to accept the liberalism and pluralism.

3 05 2013

Assalamualaikum Adik Ali.

Saya menyetujui kata-kata Ustaz Azhar Idrus. Tanpa ada bias daripada mana-mana parti politik.

Adapun Kristian merupakan agama yang di bawa oleh Nabi Isa pada asalnya. Namun di perkotak katikkan oleh manusia bernama Paul.

Sebagaimana kita tahu, Islam dan Kristian dan juga Yahudi merupakan agama Samawi. Ketiga-tiga agama ini mempunyai sejarah yang di kongsi bersama. Seperti Nabi-nabi. Namun Yahudi dan Kristian menolak daripada mengiktiraf Nabi Muhammad S.A.W sebagai Nabi yang terakhir dalam agama mereka.

Adapan konsep triniti dalam agama kristian, sebagaimana saya faham. 3 tersebut ialah Tuhan Bapa, Tuhan Anak, dan Ruhul Qudus.

Bagi mereka.

Tuhan Bapa ialah Tuhan, atau Ilah, atau Allah.
Tuhan Anak ialah Nabi Isa
Manakala Ruhul Qudus ialah Malaikat Jibrail.

Kisah kelahiran Nabi Isa boleh Adik bacakan daripada Quran dan tafsir2 muktabar seperti Ibnu Kathir dan selainnya. Yang penting, pastikan pembacaan di bimbingi oleh Muallim.

Terdapat juga hadis mengenai sahabat nabi ketika Islam mula tersebar di bumi arab. Saya yakin Adik Ali ingat akan kisah ini, di mana lelaki tersebut menyatakan kepada sahabat-sahabat Rasulullah S.A.W, Islam dan Agamanya datang daripada satu cahaya namun terpisah.

Mengenai hal ini, Adik boleh rujuk kepada kitab Rahiq al-Makhtum.

Adapun bagi saya, jawapan Ustaz Azhar kepada lelaki tersebut adalah lebih bersifat kepada menarik non-muslim untuk lebih mengenal Islam. Ia boleh di kategorikan sebagai Konteks Dakwah kepada Non-Muslim. Jauh sekali daripada menyamakan Tuhan-Tuhan agama lain dengan Allah yang Maha Esa. Apatah lagi untuk mengiyakan bahawa samanya Triniti dengan Allah Maha Esa.

Adapun penggunaan kalimah Allah dalam Bible, saya juga tidak menyetujuinya kerana mudharatnya melebihi daripada manfaat yang mampu di berikan daripada penggunaan kalimah Allah di dalam Bible.

Akhir kata, saya menghormati Adik dan tulisan adik. :) Saya mengikuti artikel penulisan adik sejak tahun 2008. Keep it up. Lebih gembira membaca artikel2 adik yang non-bias daripada parti-parti.

Pelajar jurusan Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah.
Menolak Liberalsm, Pluralism dll.

13 05 2013

Dear Abang Fitri,
Thank you for writing and for following my blog. I still do not think that Ustaz Azhar is right. Christian is not Nasrani as taught by Nabi Isa because I am sure that Nabi Isa never taught his follower that there is 3 gods or he is one of the gods. It is an ajaran sesat from Nasrani as Syiah is an ajaran sesat to Islam. So how could we share the same god as the Christian when Muslim’s Allah is the only god and has no son.
Ustaz Azhar has to be very careful because lots of people read what is written on social medias including Muslim kids who do not really understand Islam and they can be confused by his statements. And I do not think that we should lie to anybody.

5 05 2013
Zahrah binti Ahmad

Salam Ahmad, i understand what you are saying and your concern but i believe what ustaz azhar idrus said was correct. Allah is the creator of all creations whether or not the creations believe in or submit to Him, the Almighty. There is only one God eventhough as you wrote “other religions have their gods”. I don’t think ustaz azhar ever thought of the “gods” other than Allah when he gave his answer. What he wrote was a plain and simple answer to a plain and simple question. Wallahualam.

13 05 2013

Dear Puan Zahrah,
Thanks for writing. Yes, I believe that there is only one god that is Allah. But people of other religions believe in their own gods and I am not going to say that because I believe that there is only one god, the gods that they beleive in and worship is the same as Allah, including the Christians. Nabi Isa is not the god of the Nasrani but Nabi Isa is one of the Christian’s gods.

14 05 2013

Seems many people supported Ustaz Azhar Idrus despite the fact that his writing can be misleading or may invite the perception of pluralism ideology. Even though his statement also is true (by the aspect from historical) but it may be confusing to the muslims about the understanding related to aqidah or about belief and divinity.

Eventhough Ustaz Azhar Idrus wants to attract non-Muslims in order to embraced of Islam, but as the context of his statement “Islam dan Kristian bertuhankan Allah” is wrong! As a muslims, we would be blasphemy or ‘kufur’ if equalize Allah with the gods of other religions. If we asked muslims about who is the creator of the universe, surely the answer is Allah the Eternal One and Only. And there is none like Him and none comparable unto Him.

The opinions about real Christianity before the birth of the last Prophet supposed not to be polemics as well as after a completion of the Al-Quran indirectly shall perish all belief (from Nasrani and Majusi) other than Islam brought by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Be cautious when discuss this issue especially to those who has little knowledge of Islam. It is enough we said something that could deflect to the faith of muslims but could also destroy the faith to Allah yang maha Esa. Hopefully all muslims remain united so that no outside elements that could interfere with the integrity of Islam, which is the true religion and the only one till the end of time (hari kiamat).

Wallahu a’lam.

14 05 2013

Dear Uncle Zulfahasan,
Thank you for writing. I am very glad that you understand what I’m trying to say about Ustaz Azhar’s statement. Maybe a lot of people cannot see or understand or deny the danger of Liberalism and Pluralism. Some even try to spin the whole story and tell people that Liberalism is maksiat like watching k-pop.
Even PAS wants to ignore this matter, except for Uncle Nasharudin Mat Isa, Ustaz Ismail Mina (who is actually still a PAS member) and some others.
I learn about Liberalism and Pluralism because I attended seminars and talks by Allayarham Ustaz ‘Uthman El-Muhammady. I also listen to talks on this subject given by my father and his friends like Ustaz Ismail Mina, Uncle Yusri and others who had done lots of studies on this subject.
Anyway, I am very sad that some Muslims think that corruption is more dangerous than akidah because of political ideology. That is why lots of PR Muslims said bad things about Allayarham Ustaz ‘Uthman El-Muhammady.
Ustaz Azhar is very popular so he must be very careful not to confuse his fans as he did when he makes people think that UMNO is bad because UMNO do not fight for Islam.
May Allah protect us and our country.

28 06 2013
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29 12 2013
Hamba Mencari Allah

Assalamualaikum semua,
Maafkan jika saya menyuarakan pendapat, mohon di beri teguran dan bimbingan. Allah telah menciptakan manusia tidak lain selain hanya menyembah-Nya. Allah telah kurniakan ciri2 manusia itu dengan zahir (jasad), batil(akal, rasa dan nafsu) untuk lahir ke dunia ini supaya dengan adanya ciri2 ini dapatlah manusia itu mengenal kekuasaan dan mencari kebenaran Allah. Lalu di turunkan wahyu(kitab) dan di sampaikan kepada utusannya(nabi) sebagai panduan manusia yang mencari kebenaran kerana jauh di lubuk hati manusia itu tetap mahu mencari kebenaran. Allah telah memudahkan manusia supaya mengikut panduan (kitab) serta ajaran utusannya(nabi) agar umat manusia dapat mengenal kebenaran tentang hakikat Allah. Bermula dengan zabur, taurat, injil dan pengakhiran Al-Quran, pada pengisian yang asal menyatakan tentang HAK YANG SATU iaitu Allah. Bagaimanapun atas sifat2 manusia yang lemah ini, terdapat golongan yang menyesatkan serta memesongkan kebenaran yang di nyatakan dalam kitab tersebut. Maka lahirlah umat yang telah terpesong akidah dari ajaran yang asal. Namun janji Allah telah menyatakan bahawa kebenaran Al-Quran itu akan tetap terpelihara sehingga hari penghabisan kerana tiada kudrat yang mampu menafikan ketentuan Allah. Yakinlah Allah itu berkuasa keatas sesuatu dan tiada daya yang mampu menafikan hakikat Allah. Umat manusia kini janganlah harus di tuding salahnya kerana mereka telah dipesongkan akidahnya, namun apakah anda umat islam yang sudah mengenal kebenaran hak Allah ini bersedia memikul amanah Allah sebagai khalifah untuk memimpin umat manusia supaya kembali ke ajaran yang benar? Yahudi, Kristian, Buddha, Hindu atau walau apapun anutan mereka adalah di ketahui bahawa telah tersasar dari akidah kebenaran ini. Lahirnya mereka juga dari salur kejadian ADAM dan HAWA iaitu manusia. Tiada dayanya manusia itu memperlakukan hak ke atas sesuatu melainkan ALLAH. Rasullulah tidak pernah menyekat umat islam berkomunikasi dengan bukan islam kerana baginda mahukan umatnya menyebarkan kebenaran Allah ini agar umat manusia sedar dan kembali menyembah dan mengakui Allah adalah Maha pencipta. Sebarkanlah kebenaran ini agar semua umat manusia kembali bertuhankan yang satu(Allah) kerana itu adalah amanah untuk umat islam. Berbalahnya manusia itu kerana sifat lemahnya manusia itu, Allah tidak melihat akan perbalahan ini. Berpeganglah pada erti jihad agar kebenaran(islam) ini adalah hak untuk semua umat manusia. Aku sayangkan Allah dan tidak sanggup melihat lagi manusia berbalah hanya kerana di kaburi nafsu dan sifat2 lemah manusia itu. Kembalilah kepada islam serta ajaran rasullulah agar perbalahan ini di hentikan tetapi mendekati Allah. Kebenarannya Allah adalah pencipta kepada sekalian isi dunia ini. bukan kerana manusia itu beragama selain islam maka penciptanya berbeza. Namun kesucian Allah tidak sesuai digunakan untuk anutan lain kerana telah di ketahui ianya telah terpesong dari akidah yang Allah amanahkan agar tidak timbul fitnah. Ustaz Azhar menyatakan yang benar malah beliau menyampaikan kebenaran agar pemuda itu mengetahui kebenaran Allah melalui Islam. Allah itu benar dan tiada tuhan yang di sembah melainkan Allah. Pimpinlah umat manusia agar kembali ke jalan yang benar. Perangilah fitnah manusia agar islam mampu di miliki oleh sekalian umat manusia. Maaf jika penulisan saya ini salah, mohon di perbetulkan kerana Allah adalah tuhanku. Saya Faisal 011-26568641. Assalamualaikum.

30 12 2013

Dear Hamba Mencari Allah,
Thanks for writing. Christians believe in their trinity god and the trinity god is not Allah. And the bible is not the real Injil. Please listen to videos or read the papers by Allahyarham Ustaz Uthman Muhammady on Pluralism. I am lucky to learn a lot from him and other scholars on this field. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand so my parents help me a lot.

7 07 2014
Victoria futures

U will nvr understand the christian understanding if u never read the bible…

10 07 2014

Dear Victoria futures,
It is the same for the Christians. We do not share the same god, please check the bible.

15 10 2014
terkilan dengan perpecahan ummah

Good Boy. I think your writing is quite right. UMNO is consisten in protecting Islam in this country besides does not create controvesial issus on this religion.

16 10 2014

Dear terkilan dengan perpecahan ummah,
Thank you :)

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