4 Hours Queue On Penang Hill

Yesterday was a public holiday in Malaysia and lots of people visited Penang Hill.

However, in the evening the doors of its funicular train service that takes people up and down the hill was stuck and could not be opened. 

The train then took them up and down the hill two more times before the passengers could get out of the train.

The whole trip took 25 minutes when it was supposed to take them only 5 minutes.

It might be fun for the kids to have the extra train rides.

Soon the train was switched to the manual mode.

The action solved the first problem but it caused another problem.

The train then moved so slow that it took 35 minutes instead of 5 minutes for each trip.

Soon there was a very long queue of passengers at the top of the hill.

Some people had to queue for about 4 hours.

It was reported by The Star that the Penang Hill Corporation (PHC) did not make any announcement or apology.

People were arguing and tried to push their way to get a seat on the train.

The children were crying and hungry and there is no food. 

It would not be fun to be stranded for hours without food or drink.

On September 13, 2012 I queued for about 4 hours at the General Post Office at Dayabumi Complex to buy the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II stamps.

But people were really nice and patient, they did not complain or jump the queue.

People say that stamp collectors are mostly very wonderful people 🙂

Pos Malaysia was very kind to us and gave us bottled water while waiting.

I think that the PHC should learn from Pos Malaysia about how to be nice to people.

Awesome ‘Mega-Realism’ Art Of Tjalf Spaarnay

Tjalf Spaarnay is a great ‘mega-realism’ artist from Netherlands.

Born in 1954 in Haarlem, Netherland, he now lives and works in Hilversum, Netherlands.

I guess ‘mega-realism’ is a type of painting that really looks like a life-like picture.

Even though Tjalf Spaarnay paints all sort of things like flowers and marbles too but I love the tasty looking food paintings the most because they not only looked good and real but also tasty.

Mr Sparnaay has spent the last 25 years perfecting his craft, painting every day foods with spectacular realism.

I think that the Dutch are very talented people and can draw and paint beautifully because there is another great Dutch artist who draws amazing 3D pictures named Ramon Bruin – please click here for ‘Amazing 3D Art By Ramon Bruin’.

Please click the photos for bigger images:

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