Big Freeze, Britain’s Coldest Winter For The Century

Thousands who are affected by the flood are still sweeping the water out of their homes in Britain.

But now, Britain is facing another disaster, great blizzards and super cold winter.

Forecasters warn temperatures are about to plunge to the lowest in 100 years, with snow storms or blizzards and ice expected to cause travel chaos and deadly road conditions when temperatures in some areas could fall to minus 6°c and as low as minus 20°c (4°f) through December and January due to clear sky and strong northerly winds.

Tonight’s cold snap is expected to last until the end of the week and temperatures could fall to as low as minus 3°c (27°f) in some places, with snow already falling in the Pennines.

In Saltburn, North Yorkshire, northerly winds have become so strong that they are pushing water back up a cliff.

A.dramatic scenes of the water falling over the cliffs. Water pouring over the edge of Huntcliff in Saltburn, North Yorkshire, was pushed back over the edge by strong northerly winds. (MailOnline/DailyMail)

Mirror News reported that Weather Channel meteorologist Leon Brown said bitter northerly winds would move south today leading to a widespread frost across much of the country.

He said that, “The east will be seeing some of the lowest temperatures of minus 4°c to minus 6°c. During Friday, showers over the north will move south across Scotland with sleet and snow. These showers will continue south on Friday evening giving a covering of snow to the Pennines and possibly the north Midlands and even East Anglia. It will be very icy by Saturday morning.”

MailOnline reported that the cold, drier spell that starts tonight could be only a brief respite from the rain and more heavy showers are expected to return early next week, causing more misery to those trying to combat flood damage.

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Photos: Bad Floods In Britain

Reuters/Reuters – Holiday caravans lie in floodwater in St Asaph, north Wales, November 28, 2012. Dozens of properties were flooded in St Asaph after the River Elwy burst its banks yesterday. REUTERS/Andrew Winning

Britain starts to clean-up after heavy rains and high winds caused bad flooding in the midlands, west and north of Britain.

At least 3 people were killed in the flood.

The flood is disrupting parts of the road and rail network, and damaging buildings as heavy rain falls on north-east England and north Wales.

Heavy rain caused a landslide in Whitby, North Yorks that damaged some houses and five houses will be demolished within two days.

Five of the houses of the 150-year-old row of terraced houses in Whitby, North Yorkshire, will have to be torn down after their gardens became saturated by rainfall and slipped away last night. Another two at the end of the property also faced demolition but it is thought they will now be allowed to stay. (MailOnline/DailyMail)

One places that was worst-hit by the flood is the small city of St Asaph, North Wales.

Experts warned there could be more downpours in certain areas early next week and 140 flood warnings are still in place across England and Wales.

The South East may be facing further flooding as river levels continued to rise.

The River Thames at Oxford had reached its maximum and downstream towns such as Reading, Berks, and Sunbury in Surrey were on flood alert.

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Rolling Blue Waves Hit The Antarctic Coastline

The giant waves covered in a brilliant blue sheen are actually giant icicles, according to rumor-busting website “The beautiful smoothly polished surfaces are again the result of melting,” it notes. “The transparent ice … has been created in a glacier or ice cap by the slow annealing of ice as it is buried under each year’s successive accumulation of snow.” Now Travouillen works on the Thirty Meter Telescope project in Hawaii, a giant telescope planned to open in 2021. (Photo by Tony Travouillon)

These brilliant blue ice look like frozen huge waves.

They were captured by French astrophysicist (and part-time photographer) Tony Travouillon as he travelled across Antarctica.

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Photo: Australian Blood Red Beaches

A swimmer stops short of a red algae bloom at Sydney’s Clovelly Beach, Nov. 27, 2012, which closed some beaches for swimming including Bondi Beach for a period of time. (William West/AFP/Getty Images)

The water at the Sydney’s famous beaches, Bondi Beach, as well as nearby Clovelly Beach and Gordon’s Bay had turned red.

Algae bloom caused the water to turn red.

The red algae was identified as Noctiluca scintillans or sea sparkle.

The hot and humid weather caused the algae to grow.

People were advised not to swim in algae-coloured water because it has high ammonia levels that can irritate our skin.

Fortunately the red algae is not toxic.

Anyway lifeguard Bruce Hopkins told the Australian Associated Press that, “It has got quite a fishy smell to it.”

In July, 2011 green algae named enteromorpha prolifera had invade a coastline of Qingdao in Shandong Province (please click here for the photos) and turn the water yellow green

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Please click here for to see a photo of a pink lake, also in Australia named Lake Hiller.

The Mastaba Of Abu Dhabi – World’s Biggest Sculpture

A scale model of the Mastaba sculpture planned for Abu Dhabi. Picture: Wolfgang Volz

Bulgarian born artist, Christo (born Christo Vladimirov Javacheff), is planning to build the world’s biggest sculpture made of oil barrels.

It will take hundreds of people and 30 months to build ‘The Mastaba of Abu Dhabi’.

The big flat topped pyramid would be bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza.

I wonder if the design of this sculpture will be similar to Egyptian mastaba. 

Herald Sun reported that the 150 metre Mastaba will be made out of 400,000 multi-coloured oil barrels.

Differences between the Great Pyramid of Giza and Mastaba.
Picture from Yahoo! News Blog Broken News.

It’s hoped the $325 million Mastaba sculpture, which will be built in the desert 161 kilometres away from Abu Dhabi, will become a landmark for the region.

Abu Dhab is aiming to make Mastaba a centre of art and culture.

Christo and his late wife Jeanne-Claude were inspired by the colours of the desert and the tall sand dunes, came up with the idea of building the sculpture about 30 years ago.

“When the sun rises, the vertical wall will become almost full of gold,” Christo said of the artwork.

I hope that one day I could design something great and interesting too.

(Please click here for: Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The Mastaba, Project for the United Arab Emirates)

Sebastian Vettel, Formula 1 Grand Prix 2012 Champion

Sebastian Vettel had accomplished a nice and awesome hattrick after winning the Formula 1 tonight in Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, São Paulo, Brazil.

He finished sixth and his closest opponent, Alonso was second.

But he has 13 points advantage coming into this final circuit for the year 2012.

So the champion of the 2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix is, Sebastian Vettel with 281 points and Alonso with 278 points.

Visla The Cat, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim (Part 3)

Please click here for: Visla The Cat, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim (Part 2)

Visla was proud of her new friend. She thanked the cat for helping her. Ahmad came out to check what had happened. He saw Visla’s new friend chasing the mean black cat away. Ahmad took out some milk for Visla and its new friend and played with them.

A few weeks later, Karim went out station to Kedah. Karim took Ahmad along with him. Karim’s eldest daughter, Aiman was on holidays, so she was assigned to take care of the cats. Aiman loved the cats too but Visla missed Ahmad. Visla was very lonely and felt all alone without its friend, Ahmad.

On the day Ahmad came home, Visla was not around the house. Everybody searched for Visla but could not find it. Ahmad searched around the neighbourhood and at last he saw Visla sitting on the roof of his house. He asked his father for a ladder but the ladder was not high enough to reach the roof. Ahmad called Visla down, holding a cup of milk, but Visla was too frightened to come down.

Then it started to rain, and Ahmad was really worried about Visla. He tried to think of the best way to help Visla to come down from the roof. Ahmad knew that Visla loved its kittens very much, so he took one of the kittens from their box and held it up toward the roof so that Visla could see the kitten and hear its meow. The kitten meowed but Visla did not even move from where it sat.

Ahmad took the kitten back to its box. All of the kittens were meowing calling for their mother. “They must be very hungry,” thought Ahmad. Ahmad was about to go to the fridge to get some milk for the kittens when he heard a sweet meow from behind him. It was Visla! Brushing her head at the door, Visla meowed at Ahmad happily. Visla then jumped into its box and licked its kittens. Ahmad was happy to see Visla again, and so did the kittens. And Visla was very happy to see Ahmad too.

~~ The End ~~