Amazing 3D Art By Ramon Bruin

It’s amazing how Ramon Bruin could draw those wonderful 3D illustrations.

Ramon is a freelance Dutch artist who graduated from the Airbrush Academie in the Netherlands.

Feather of a raven: “Airbrushing is a great technique for making paintings with depth and realism,” Bruin told the New York Daily News. The 31-year-old artist’s work weaves, bends, and wraps across the page.
(Courtesy of Ramon Bruin)
Hold the candle: And, indeed, to get his creations to come alive and jump off the pages, he adds subtle props such as a candle, pencils, pens, or even his own fingertips.
(Courtesy of Ramon Bruin)
Come out and play: There is a certain sneaky quality to his drawings. Bruin calls the technique “anamorphis.”
(Courtesy of Ramon Bruin)
Bridge: Bruin has been airbrushing for 10 years, but only began experimenting with 3-D illusion drawings in 2010, he told the Daily News.
(Courtesy of Ramon Bruin)
Beezzz: “Within these 10 years I tried many different techniques and styles,” Bruin told the Daily News.
(Courtesy of Ramon Bruin)
Toiletpaper planecrash: … yes, toilet paper rolls.
(Courtesy of Ramon Bruin)
Ladderboys: His illustrations reveal his imagination, creativity, originality, and …
(Courtesy of Ramon Bruin)

Magnifying glass: Although some of his work appears rather simplistic, other illustrations are…
(Courtesy of Ramon Bruin)
Maya temple: And, each illustration is much more than a simple sketch on paper.
(Courtesy of Ramon Bruin)

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