11 thoughts on “Old Town White Coffee Halal Certification And YB Ngeh Koo Ham”

    1. Dear Abang Hisham,
      Thank you for writing. I might have been one of the youngest blogger when I started blogging, and I call myself a blogger because I wrote my own posts ever since I was 5 when I started my blog. But I never say that I’m the smartest blogger. It’s cool to be smart but it is also important to be responsible and honest and patriotic to our country when we write.
      By the way, I’m glad that I’ve never been to any of the Old Town White Coffee restaurants. Ngeh’s comments about halal are bad and it shows that he does not respect Islam. I’m glad that you are not an Old Town WC’s fan and I really hope that you are not Ngeh’s fan 🙂


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