A Man Named Jalil, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim (Chapter 2)

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After feeding the animals Jalil went upstairs to his bathroom to take a bath. And then he went down to the kitchen to drink coffee. He went straight to the fridge and took out a bottle and pour it into his mug. He almost drink it when he saw something that puzzled him. His coffee is white instead of black! He looked at his mug and wonder what had happened to his coffee. Then he realised that it was milk and not coffee!

So Jalil walked to his kitchen cabinet and take out his coffee powder. He opened the container and … “Oh dear, I have no more coffee,” sighed Jalil. He walked out of his kitchen to his front door to go out to buy coffee at a nearby store. He opened the door when his phone rang. He answered the phone and the caller said, ” Hi! I am Kamal. Can I come over for lunch, please?” Jalil answered, “Sure, Kamal”.

It was already 12 o’clock, Jalil went up and down the stairs looking for his phone. He found it at the same time when his friend, Kamal arrived. “Kamal!” exclaimed Jalil excitedly. “You’re even taller than I remembered”. 

They ate tasty cheese pizza and delicious lasagna, and drank coffee that Jalil had just bought from the nearby store. They were very happy to see each other for they had not met for a long, long time. Kamal was amazed when Jalil told him how well did the horses, the chickens and the cats ate after he accidentally fed the wrong food to the wrong animals.

After Kamal left, Jalil went to his library to read his book again. He read out loud so that he could remember where he was. “Chapter 4: The Dinner,” he read. “After th…” “RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG,” It was the alarm clock again. It was so loud and noisy but Jalil went on reading. Then he remembered that he must attend an important conference at 2 o’clock. He immediately ran upstairs and turned off the alarm. He took out a black tuxedo and ran to his cupboard to take out a white shirt.

To be continued…

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

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