Will PAS Sack YB Nasharudin Mat Isa?

17 08 2012

Back in town: Nasharudin arriving at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport from Jeddah. — Bernama

Now many PAS leaders seems not to be very happy with and some are even angry at YB Nasharudin Mat Isa.

They sort of telling him to change and follow whatever PAS leaders said or leave PAS and quit his post as the Bachok’s MP.

The calls happened after YB Nasharudin made a statement on the issue of DAP’s chairman Karpal Singh’s objection on hudud law and later after a photo of  YB Nasharudin together with the Malaysian Prime minister attending a meeting with Saudi Arabian ulama’ in Mecca.

Will YB Nasharudin be leaving PAS for UMNO?

No, YB Nasharudin said that he is not quitting PAS for UMNO…

He said, “For the umpteenth time, I have never had any intention to join UMNO. I just consider them (the leaders in UMNO) as my Muslim brothers.”

But can all of the PAS’s leaders accept the leaders in UMNO as their Muslim brothers?

YB Nasharudin also again questioned PAS about PAS’s political alliance with those who were “against Islam” and wants PAS to make a strong stand on hudud.

Now, can PAS still accept YB Nasharudin?

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21 08 2012
Albangi Selangor FB

Elok Karpal Singh bersara politik demi Pakatan.

Ramai org tidak tahu UMNO ada satu rakaman ucapan Karpal Singh di Australia yang berbau rasis anti Melayu dan anti Islam. Tidak mustahil Karpal ini diugut oleh UMNO dan ditekan oleh UMNO untuk pecahkan tembok Pakatan. Jika Karpal Singh enggan berbuat apa yg disuruh oleh pemimpin BN, maka rakaman ini boleh dibocorkan dan DAP akan rugi besar. Mungkin Karpal lebih sayang DAP dari Pakatan Rakyat.

Walaupun ada pimpinan PAS pernah dengar ucapan anti melayu dan anti Islam ini, dan tidak mustahil Ustaz Nasarudin juga pernah dengar, PAS sedia maklum, Karpal Singh ini bukan Islam, maka tidak mengapa dia TOLAK hudud sebelum ini dan belum HINA hudud. Sebab itu PAS boleh bekerjasama dgn DAP. Hudud ialah ajaran Islam dan tidak ada dalam agama lain. Manakala pemimpin UMNO yang mengaku Islam pula TOLAK HUDUD dan HINA HUDUD dan kerana itulah PAS tidak mahu kerjasama dengan UMNO.

PAS boleh terima lagi DAP buat masa ini sebab DAP secara organisasi TIDAK HINA hudud, cuma yg HINA HUDUD secara terang-terangan ialah individu Karpal Singh. Maka Karpal Singh patut diperangi. Kalau dia TOLAK tidak apa, tetapi kini dia sudah MENGHINA HUDUD, sama macam UMNO.

Tapi kalau DAP secara organisasi MENGHINA HUDUD, maka PAS harus ajar DAP bahawa jangan perangi aqidah umat Islam. UMNO memang terang-terangan perangi aqidah ummah. Kita harap DAP faham beza antara TOLAK hudud dengan HINA HUDUD. UMNO dan MCA serta Karpal Singh TOLAK dan HINA HUDUD.

DAP kena faham Tuhan kami ialah Allah bukan parti bukan Pakatan. Kemenangan mutlak kami ialah mencari keredhaan Allah bukan keredhaan Pakatan Rakyat, keredhaan DAP atau PKR. Dan kami tahu Islam akan dagang di akhir zaman, dan kami tetap akan keseorangan dalam mempertahankan aqidah kami, sedangkan UMNO lebih cederung mencari keredhaan bekas penjajah barat dan tuan baru mereka yahudi APCO.

Kita nasihatkan Karpal sebagai individu dan DAP sebagai organisasi supaya jangan cabar kesabaran kami dalam bab aqidah kami. Tolak hudud tak mengapa sebab orang kafir boleh TOLAK hudud yg bukan ajaran agama mereka, tapi jangan HINA ajaran kami.

Selama ini kami tidak bersama UMNO ialah kerana UMNO TOLAK HUDUD dan HINA HUDUD. Kami perangi MCA kerana MCA TOLAK HUDUD dan HINA HUDUD. Setakat ini Gerakan hanya TOLAK HUDUD dan belum HINA HUDUD.

Kalau Karpal Singh nak bermain api dan nak hancurkan Pakatan Rakyat, silakan. Kami sudah biasa bersendirian dan akan bersendirian di akhir zaman. Tapi kami nasihatkan Karpal Singh supaya bersara dari politik dan bersara dari DAP supaya Pakatan Rakyat boleh berjalan lancar dan kita akan dapat tumbangkan BN. Kalau Karpal bersara, maka UMNO tidak boleh apa-apa dengan rakaman itu lagi.

Yang terbaik ialah Karpal Singh bersara terus. Maka BN akan mati kutu. Bahtera PR akan terus belayar ke Putrajaya. Inilah masanya kalau Karpal Singh mahu berkorban untuk partinya, untuk rakyat Malaysia yang cintakan keadilan dan kesejahteraan serta mahu kuburkan UMNO dan BN.


21 08 2012

Dear Albangi Selangor FB,
Thanks for writing. UMNO does not use the name Islam in its name but has done a lot for Islam. PAS claims to be an Islamic party and labelled UMNO as not Islamic but what has PAS done for Islam other than blaming UMNO and making hudud promises? I am still sad when PAS rejected Himpunan Sejuta Umat that was organised by Muslim NGOs to fight against murtad but PAS joined Bersih which was led by LGBT and murtad fighters. Karpal represents DAP and PAS had again and again made statements that they follow the Orange Book and there is no hudud in the Orange Book. How can PAS supporters cannot see the fact? PAS leaders are angry with Uncle Nasha when he fights for Islam and hudud so how could PAS supporters still blame UMNO for hudud? Sir, you wrote that ‘Tuhan kami ialah Allah bukan parti bukan Pakatan’; so that is why PAS must leave DAP as Uncle Nasha said. And please remember that PAS fights for the use of Allah for gods of other religion and fights against UMNO who do not whan other religions to refer to their gods as Allah.
Uncle Nasha is an Islamic man and he regards the UMNO members and leaders as his Muslim brothers but most PAS leaders seems not to agree with him. UMNO leaders are not perfect but I learned that between kemungkaran and against akidah, against akidah is worse and may make a person murtad. I learned about the danger of LGBT, Pluralism, Liberalism and murtad and these are against our akidah. Liberalism and mungkar is not the same. But what has PAS done about it? PAS has only fights for other religions’ gods to share the name Allah. It is interesting to see who PAS will support, Karpal or Uncle Nasha? How about Amanat Haji Hadi?
If PAS is really Islamic, PAS must have had the muzakarah with UMNO as agreed by Uncle Nasha and UMNO and not trying to picture DAP as more Islamic than UMNO. And please do not let PAS leaders spin stories about Jew. Please be fair and not to listen facts from PAS or UMNO but please listen to Anwar’s speeches overseas, read their (overseas) articles to find out who are their friends. Yahoo News supported Bersih 3.0 and do not shows photos of rioters rioting, who owns Yahoo News? But PAS leaders will say, that is fair reporting because everything against UMNO is the only fair reporting so it is hard for PAS to see the truth. PAS is good at fitnah as in claiming all ulama’ who supports UMNO is for money. I am sorry, please do not blame Karpal alone but blame PAS for being friends of DAP and PKR. Look at the beer replica in Penang and and other cases in Penang and Selangor. Islam is the religion of the Federation and must be above other religion. I agree with Uncle Nasha. Please listen to Ustaz Uthman El-Muhammady, Ustaz Kazim and Ustaz Ismail Mina on You-Tube.


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