6 thoughts on “Only JAKIM’s Halal Logo And Certificate Starting Today/ Hanya Logo Dan Sijil Halal JAKIM Bermula Hari Ini”

  1. Issue of halal logo has been said for a long time but it’s not taken care of by the muslims. Therefore JAKIM should remind the public to realize the importance of halalan toyyiban. Take out a piece of hadith for our lesson:

    ” Ingatlah bahawa di dalam tubuh badan manusia itu ada sepotong daging, yang apabila daging itu baik, maka baiklah seluruh tubuhnya, dan apabila ia rosak, maka rosaklah seluruh tubuh itu, ingatlah bahawa yang dimaksudkan itu ialah hati” ( Hadis riwayat Bukhari & Muslim ).

    “Dan sesiapa juga hamba yang baginya tumbuh (membesar) daripada makanan haram dan riba, maka nerakalah yang layak baginya.” (Hadis riwayat Ibnu Abbas).


    1. Dear zulfahasan,
      Thanks for the hadith. Yes, Muslim must understand the importance of halalan toyyiban. We are lucky that we have JAKIM in Malaysia to help us in this matter.
      JAKIM tried to educate the Muslims since long ago but some Muslims do not want to listen and take action. May be they:
      1) Do not believe in JAKIM because that say that JAKIM belongs to UMNO 🙂
      2) Do not really care about halalan toyyiban.
      3) Think that this is not an important matter.


      1. Dear Ahmad Ali,
        I agree with your opinion. It’s true that some muslims less do more about the halalan toyyiban whereas the non-muslims began to practice this concept. As a matter of fact that non-muslims have admitted the concept halalan toyyiban for their own benefit but why we are muslims still don’t take much to know about the status halal of food? More or less I think some muslims among us didn’t care much about logo halal from JAKIM or not because they think it’s not their problem. Such thinking is very regrettable because JAKIM has implemented guidelines so it’s up to us now to carry on for the common good.


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