The Transit Of Venus June 6, 2012

I designed this all by myself using Microsoft PowerPoint for this special phenomena.

The Transit of Venus will occurs tomorrow.

Please click below for:

  1. Photos Transit Of Venus June 5, 2012.

  2. ANGKASA’s Photos: Transit Of Venus (Malaysia) June 6, 2012.

  3. NASA’s Special And Rare Video Of The Transit Of Venus (June 5, 2012)

Venus Transit happens when Earth, Venus and Sun are align together.

During the transit, Venus can be seen from the Earth as a small black disk moving across the face of the Sun.

I used the Microsoft PowerPoint to illustrate how the Transit of Venus happens.

It is a very rare event to be able to see Venus passing across the face of the sun.

Venus Transits currently recur at intervals of 8, 105.5, 8 and 121.5 years.

In Malaysia we can see the transit begins with contact I at 06:09:29 am, reach the maximum phase at 09:29:28 am and finally the transit ends at contact IV at 12:49:57 pm.

Geocentric Phases of Venus Transit – 6 June 2012

The transit will can be seen from the West to the East.

Most of North America sees the beginning of the transit in the afternoon and evening on June 5, whereas much of Eurasia sees the end of the transit in the morning  on June 6, 2012.

WARNING: Viewing the Sun without safety filters can cause a permanent eye damage or blindness!

The map shows where and when the Venus Transit can be seen.

Photos – Partial Lunar Eclipse June 4, 2012

 The partial lunar eclipse at 08:03 pm. This photo was taken at the Balai Cerap Selangor

It was cloudy tonight so I could not see the partial lunar eclipse from my house.

Anyway here are some photos of the partial lunar eclipse taken at the Balai Cerap Selangor and posted on National Planetarium’s site.

The partial lunar eclipse at 08:01 pm as seen at the Balai Cerap Selangor.
The partial lunar eclipse at 08:o6 pm as seen at the Balai Cerap Selangor.
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