Argentina’s Upsala Glacier Iceburg Tipped Over

A group of tourists touring the Upsala Glacier in Argentina were lucky to see a huge iceberg breaking into the lake.

They were traveling in a type of boat called catamaran.

One of the tourists recorded what happened and posted it on YouTube.

It happened in March but the video was posted in May.

On March 4, 2012 a massive ice wall at the Perito Moreno glacier near the city of El Calafate, southern Argentina falled into the Lago Argentino; please click here for the photos.

Here is the video of the Argentina’s Upsala Glacier iceberg breaking:

I think the iceberg melted because of  the global warming even though some scientists do not blame global warming.

Global warming may caused lots of places to sink into the sea; please click here for: ’100 Places To Go Before They Disappear’, A Book By Gaute Hogh.

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