Bone China Crockery, ICL Lens Are Haram-National Fatwa Council Committee/Pinggan Mangkuk Bone China, Kanta ICL Haram

National Fatwa Council Committee of Malaysia(Jawatankuasa Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan) had decided that the use of crockery, Implantable Contact Lens(ICL Lens) and jewelery from pig bone or Bone China is haram for the Muslims.

Its chairman, Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Abdul Shukor Husin said that even though the bone has changed in appearance after all the process (that turned the bone to ashes), it is still categorized as unclean(najis berat) to the Muslims.

My father told us about this matter a long time ago and we always have to check the mugs at my grandmother’s house before using them 🙂 My grandmother thought that I was wrong when I told her that Bone China is haram.

A lot of other Muslims also bought and use Bone China crockery because they don’t know that it is haram to use them.

Bone China crockery are expensive and very popular because they are nice.

A beautiful Old Country Roses Royal Albert Bone China tea set.

As a Muslim we have to be careful about items we use and the food we eat.

We also have to be careful with our behavior.

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