31 03 2012

On Thursday, March 22, 2012, I went to Galeri Shah Alam for the UNISEL’s Nilaicitra’12

My photo at the Galeri Shah Alam after the opening ceremony of Nilaicitra'12.

Nilaicitra means ‘value of image’.

It exhibited the final projects of UNISEL Art And Design’s students.

The program was officiated by Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba of Pesona Pictures Sdn. Bhd.

Uncle Adnan Othman also joined us to the program.

Uncle Adnan Othman(R) was chatting with my father after the event.

We visited the exhibition halls and saw lots of beautiful photographs, digitally drawn pictures and other beautiful stuff.

We visited Abang Ibrahim’s booth and saw the photos that he took at our house

This photo was snapped by Uncle Ibrahim

It was very nice to meet Uncle Prof. Dato’ Raja Zahabuddin, Atuk Prof. Hashim and Uncle Ibrahim Bujal again.

The food that they served was very delicious.

I really enjoyed the my time over there.

The Adventures of Sir Hanianon (Episode 1)

27 03 2012

Once upon a time, in the 1490s there was a man named Hanianon.

He was a knight and lived in Calovinia.


He liked adventures.

The Jupron was the enemy of Calovinia.

King Antire the 20th of Jupron ordered his knights to destroy the castle of Calovinia.

And so King Sakiorone of Calovinia ordered some of his armies to defend the castle with their best skills while the others were sent to attack the Jupron’s castle.

Sir Hanianon led 20 heavy cannon, 500 cavalry archers and 49 other skirmishers to attack Jupron.

So, off they went to the castle of Jupron to attack their enemy.

This is the bird’s eye view of the battle at the Jupron’s castle. The grey rectangles on the left are the castle and other buildings around it and the brown square is their outpost. The grey dots are their infantry while the purple lines are their cavalry. Some of the Jupron’s infantry are crossing their drawbridge to attack their enemy. On the right, the grey line is the Calovinian infantry, the blue lines are their cavalry while the brown lines are their artillery.

But they were defeated and they had to retreat.

They were left with only 5 skirmishers, 1 heavy cannon and 30 cavalry archers.

As soon as they reached Calovinia, they fought to defend their castle together with the other troop.

The battle was over and the Calovinian managed to defeat their enemy. 

Jupron went to Zolaphat to ask for help.

Meanwhile, Sir Hanianon went to Torkiy for help.

Torkiy send the powerful Janissary while and Zolaphat send Fusiliers.

The Calovinian defeated the Jupron’s armies and destroyed their castle but the King Antire the 20th of Jupron managed to run away to Cinra.

Pos Malaysia’s Underwater Life

24 03 2012

The beautiful Underwater Life special issue stamp series.

On March 21, 2012, Pos Malaysia issued a new set of special issue stamp series named Underwater Life.

I went to the General Post Office at Dayabumi Complex, Kuala Lumpur that morning to buy the stamps and the miniature sheets.  

The first day cover with the miniature sheet.

The stamps are so beautiful.

The stamp artist used water colour to paint the pictures.

And I also got the artist’s signature 🙂

On March 8, 2012 Pos Malaysia launched the Malaysian Antarctic Research Programme/ Program Penyelidikan Antartika Malaysia special issue stamp series.

A Visit To Pos Malaysia at Dayabumi

24 03 2012

TheMalaysian Antarctic Research Programme/ Program Penyelidikan Antartika Malaysia  special issue stamp series.

On March 8th, 2012, we went to General Post Office at Dayabumi Complex, Kuala Lumpur.

That day the Malaysian Antarctic Research Programme/ Program Penyelidikan Antartika Malaysia  special issue stamp series was launched.

The first day cover with the beautiful stamps

The stamps are very beautiful.

We bought a few sets of stamp sheets from the series and a lot of the other miniature stamps and stamp sheets from other issues.

I love to walk around the Stamp Gallery and look at the colourful stamps and paintings.

Meeting A Wonderful Stamp Designer

16 03 2012

Professor Dato' Raja Zahabuddin Raja Yaacob

Last two days I met Professor Dato’ Raja Zahabuddin Raja Yaacob at UNISEL.

Atuk Professor Hashim told me that Uncle Professor Dato’ Raja Zahabuddin is a real stamp designer!

Among the stamps that he designed are the ‘Silver Jubilee Of The Reign Of His Royal Highness Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Muhibbiddin Shah Sultan Preak Darul Ridwan‘Garden Flowers National and State Definitive Series’‘Royal Institution Special Issue’, Agong, Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah, State Emblems andRoyal Headgear.

(Please click here to for my post on Pos Malaysia New Issue: Institusi Diraja/Royal Institution).

A very special copy of the Silver Jubilee Of The Reign Of His Royal Highness Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Muhibbiddin Shah Sultan Preak Darul Ridwan First day Cover (which was designed by Uncle Professor Dato' Raja Zahabuddin) with his signature on it.

Another gift from Uncle Professor Dato' Raja Zahabuddin.

Uncle Professor Dato’ Raja Zahabuddin  is a great photographer.

For the ‘Garden Flowers National Definitive Series’, he used the flowers that he had in his garden except the water lilies.

The Garden Flowers National Definitive Series First day Cover signed by Uncle Professor Dato' Raja Zahabuddin.

The stamps that he designed are very beautiful and colourful.

I wish that one day I can design stamps too.

I really enjoy meeting Uncle Professor Dato’ Raja Zahabuddin.

I am a stamp collector and I am very lucky to be able to meet a great stamp designer!

The beautiful Royal Institution Special Issue stamps.

Picnik Will Be Closing Soon!

15 03 2012


Picnik will be closing on 14th April, 2012 and now premium

is free FOR ALL!


15 03 2012

On Tuesday we went to Shah Alam to meet Atuk Professor Hashim Hassan at the university where he teaches.

Atuk Professor Hashim Hassan(L) and I(R) at his office in UNISEL.

The name of the university is Universiti Industri Selangor or UNISEL.

Atuk Professor Hashim is a lecturer, an artist and a stamp collector.

Over there I also met Professor Dato’ Raja Zahabuddin Raja Yaacob, the Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Art and Design, UNISEL.

I am very happy to meet Uncle Professor Dato' Raja Zahabuddin Raja Yaacob(R) who is also a stamp designer!

Uncle Professor Dato’ Raja Zahabuddin is also a stamp designer!

They took us to a computer room where I also saw lots of Apple computers.

There we met Uncle Ibrahim Bujal who showed us cool stuffs that can be done on the computer.

Uncle Ibrahim showed us cool stuffs on the computer.

I already knew how to do some of the things that Uncle Ibrahim showed me but there are some that I don’t know.

I now know that we can make our own website easier by using Adobe Flash Professional.

I have lots of fun and Atuk Professor Hassan gave me the books that he wrote, ‘Ideas For Logo Design’, part 1 and part 2.

Atuk Professor Hassan explaining about one of the logos in his book.

That is great because the books give me ideas of how to make my companies’ logos

Uncle Professor Dato’ Raja Zahabuddin invited us for lunch at the Bouquet Garni and the food was really good.

We had a wonderful lunch at Bouquet Garni, thanks to Uncle Professor Dato' Raja Zahabuddin. From left is my father, Uncle Ibrahim, Uncle Professor Dato' Raja Zahabuddin, Atuk Professor Hassan and me.

I want to thank Atuk Professor Hassan, Uncle Professor Dato’ Raja Zahabuddin and Uncle Ibrahim for the presents, the tasty lunch and the wonderful time.

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