The Race

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful place called Hilmania.

It was a beautiful place where special trees grew bearing juicy, tasty fruits.

One day, a chipmunk went to a hare’s house.

He wanted to have a race with the hare.

The hare agreed and they met the next day for the race.

The chipmunk was surprised that the hare was much faster than him.

After leaving the chipmunk far behind, the hare decided to rest.

30 minutes later, the chipmunk led the race but later the hare overtook the chipmunk.

The hare woke up and was very surprised to see the chipmunk was leading the race.

Later, the hare saw some cute little mice and he decided to play with them.

One of the cute little mice playing in the bushes.

The chipmunk ran as fast as he could and reached the finish line.

The finish line.

So the moral of the story is, don’t stop during a race even if you are faster than your opponent and do not give up even when you think that you may not be able to win 🙂

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