The Flappy Series: The Teddy

Continued from ‘Flappy And Friends’.


One day, Flappy was playing with White Witch.

Flappy asked White Witch,“Who can fly upside down really fast like me?”

White Witch answered, “I can’t”.

Then she saw a golden thing nearby and asked it, “How about you?”

Flappy looked at White Witch with a strange face and asked her,“Who are you talking to?”

She answered, “I saw something golden”.

Then she went to push a button and a tent was lowered down.

White Witch asked Flappy,“Do you remember that we are going to camp here tonight? Did you see that? I saw the golden thing again”.

Suddenly White Witch saw a golden thing.

Flappy answered,“I can only see this golden thing,”  as he pointing to the tent.

Suddenly the tent rose up by itself and White Witch asked Flappy,“What happened?”

Flappy answered,“I don’t know”.

Then the tent fell down by itself and someone said,“Wow”.

White Witch asked,“Who said that?”.

Flappy answered,“Not me”.

And then someone said, “Aaaah, Ohhh”.

White Witch asked, “What was that?”.

“I don’t know, it sounds like a cute little stuff,” answered Flappy.

Then the tent rose up again by itself and White Witch asked,“Someone press the button again?”.

“Yes, but I can’t see anyone,” answered Flappy.

The tent rose up by itself.

“Aaah! Something golden again, did you see that?” shouted Flappy.

White Witch answered in a loud voice,“No, I didn’t see the golden thing. I’m busy cooking.”

At that moment, the tent fell down on the stove and caught fire.

White Witch shouted, “Fire.” “FIRE!!!”

The tent fell onto the stove.

Flappy took away the tent and put out the fire.

Flappy said,“That’s funny”.

White Witch said, “Much better”.

Then they chase the golden thing and caught it.

And they became friends.

The mysterious golden thing is actually a cute little teddy!

White Witch asked Flappy,“So do you want to sing your song again”.

Flappy answered, “Oh yes”.

Flappy is singing his song.

Whatever we do, we still live together, wherever we play it’s all of us together, Echo Ball will come tomorrow, and the bell will come ringing, *Bell Rings*, Echo Ball comes soon

To be continued 🙂

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