The Flappy Series: Selling Ketupats

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On one nice clear and cold day Flappy asked his friends, “What should we do?”

“We are going to sell ketupats,” answered Golden Pirate.

“Really? I don’t think so. Oh, by the way what is ketupat?” asked White Witch.

“Ketupat is something like rice cake,” said Golden Pirate.

Golden Pirate gets ready to sell ketupats.

When they started selling some ketupats, a herd of pillows came and shouted, “We want ketupats! We want ketupat!”

A herd of pillows reached their ketupat stall.

They shouted and shouted and did not stop even after White Witch told them to stop.

Then she said, “Silence or not you can’t buy them,” to stop them; and it works 🙂

Then a pillow named Pillow Cameraman came and bought some ketupats.

Pillow Cameraman wants to buy some ketupats too.

He snapped some  photos to be published in a newspaper.

All the pillows bought the ketupats, some bought 100 and some others even bought 10000 ketupats.

And some ordered the ketupats with their with pictures on them!

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The Flappy Series: The Teddy Part 2

Continued from ‘The Flappy Series – The Teddy’.


After Flappy sang the song entitled, ‘Echo Ball Come Soon’, the golden thing said, “Nice song, I like it. It’s very nice”.

♪Echo ball come soon♪, but who’s Echo Ball?” asked the golden thing.

White Witch answered,”It’s a ball that we call Echo Ball”.

The they heard a loud thunder, “Thunder, there’s always thunder over here,” said White Witch.

After the thunder stops, they all went to sleep in the tent.

Flappy was sleeping in the tent.
They woke up and packed their stuff.

When they woke up the next day, they all packed up their stuff.

Then White Witch drove the golden thing home while Flappy flew White Witch’s helicopter.

Golden Pirate went inside White Witch's car.
At last they reached home.

Suddenly the golden thing said, “I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Golden Pirate. I only have one eye because my other eye was lost somewhere, I forgot where I lost it”.

“Thunder!”, shouted White Witch.

“Thunders means that the Black Wizard is nearby and trying to do his magics.”

At that moment she saw a Jolly the dinosaur.

She shouted, “Hi, so it was the sound of your footsteps, I thought it was thunder!”

The dinosaur smiled,”Bye, White Witch”.

“Bye, Jolly”, said White Witch.

White Witch was talking to Golden Pirate.

“Oh Golden Pirate, it’s getting dark so I think you should go home now”, said Flappy.

“Why home?” asked Golden Pirate.

White Witch answered, “Because it’s late”.

Flappy added, “And dark”.

“Oh okay, have a nice day”, said Golden Pirate.

I recorded a video of this story using my Flip Video Camcorder.

The Flappy Series: The Teddy

Continued from ‘Flappy And Friends’.


One day, Flappy was playing with White Witch.

Flappy asked White Witch,“Who can fly upside down really fast like me?”

White Witch answered, “I can’t”.

Then she saw a golden thing nearby and asked it, “How about you?”

Flappy looked at White Witch with a strange face and asked her,“Who are you talking to?”

She answered, “I saw something golden”.

Then she went to push a button and a tent was lowered down.

White Witch asked Flappy,“Do you remember that we are going to camp here tonight? Did you see that? I saw the golden thing again”.

Suddenly White Witch saw a golden thing.

Flappy answered,“I can only see this golden thing,”  as he pointing to the tent.

Suddenly the tent rose up by itself and White Witch asked Flappy,“What happened?”

Flappy answered,“I don’t know”.

Then the tent fell down by itself and someone said,“Wow”.

White Witch asked,“Who said that?”.

Flappy answered,“Not me”.

And then someone said, “Aaaah, Ohhh”.

White Witch asked, “What was that?”.

“I don’t know, it sounds like a cute little stuff,” answered Flappy.

Then the tent rose up again by itself and White Witch asked,“Someone press the button again?”.

“Yes, but I can’t see anyone,” answered Flappy.

The tent rose up by itself.

“Aaah! Something golden again, did you see that?” shouted Flappy.

White Witch answered in a loud voice,“No, I didn’t see the golden thing. I’m busy cooking.”

At that moment, the tent fell down on the stove and caught fire.

White Witch shouted, “Fire.” “FIRE!!!”

The tent fell onto the stove.

Flappy took away the tent and put out the fire.

Flappy said,“That’s funny”.

White Witch said, “Much better”.

Then they chase the golden thing and caught it.

And they became friends.

The mysterious golden thing is actually a cute little teddy!

White Witch asked Flappy,“So do you want to sing your song again”.

Flappy answered, “Oh yes”.

Flappy is singing his song.

Whatever we do, we still live together, wherever we play it’s all of us together, Echo Ball will come tomorrow, and the bell will come ringing, *Bell Rings*, Echo Ball comes soon

To be continued 🙂

5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Turkey – Pictures

Rescuers search for survivors in the rubble of a collapsed hotel in Van, eastern Turkey, late Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011. (AP Photo/Evrim Aydin, Anatolia) TURKEY OUT

On Wednesday night, a magnitude-5.7 earthquake hit eastern Turkey.

At least 7 people were killed and more people are still trapped under the fallen buildings.

25 buildings collapsed, including 2 hotels in the city of Van.

24 people had been rescued alive so far from the rubble of the buildings. 

Some foreign rescue workers and journalists who stayed at the Bayram Hotel that was collapsed in this earthquake are still missing.

They were helping and covering the victim of the magnitude-7.2 earthquake that hit the area on October 23, 2011.

This is a disaster.

Rescue workers search for survivors at a collapsed building in Van, eastern Turkey, November 9, 2011. REUTERS/Evrim Aydin/Anadolu Agency
Rescue workers gather early Thursday Nov. 10, 2011, at a hotel which collapsed in an earthquake in Van, Turkey, where aid workers and and journalists stayed. (AP Photo / DHA Turkish TV) TV OUT - TURKEY OUT - ROJ TV OUT

Very Old Malaya Stamps

The beautiful old Malaya stamps. Among them them are the King George V series, King George VI Straits Settlement- BMA series, the tiger head series, the mosque series and others.

On the day that I went to the Amcorp Mall Flea Market, we bought some stamp album sheets from Uncle Abdullah and he invited us to see his wonderful old Malaya stamps.

Uncle Abdullah has a large collection of old rare Malaya stamps.

He even has the Sungei Ujong Queen Victoria stamps.

The stamps were so beautiful and very, very expensive.

That was the first time I have seen most of the stamps.

It is very hard to get those stamps now.

Uncle Abdullah bought some of his very old Malaya stamps from England.

But I prefer my Olympics stamps because I am more interested in sports than history 🙂

And moreover, my Olympics stamps are more colourful with lots of flags on them.

Of all the stamps that I saw on that day, the one that I like the most is the orange 50 cents Juditial stamp (in the last picture below).

I collect stamps and I wish I could have the stamps one day 😐

The old Malaya stamps from the tiger series. The $2.00, $5.00 and S10.00 must be very expensive.
Another set of old Malaya stamps; I call these stamps the mosque series.
These Queen Victoria Malaya stamps are also very, very old and older than the tiger and the mosque series. This is the first time I saw the Sungei Ujong stamps(1881 to 1890).
More beautiful stamps from the Queen Victoria series(188i-1891).
The beautiful Judicial stamps that I love the most. They must be very old because they have Queen Victoria printed on them.

Micheal Jackson, Spiderman and Transformer At A Flea Market

I was looking at the things around the Amcorp Flea Market.

On Sunday October 30, 2011, I went to a very popular flea market in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

This is my first visit to a flea market ❗

The flea market is held in the Amcorp Mall building.

It is a very interesting and fun place to visit 🙂

The good thing about having the flea market in a building is, in Malaysia it is so hot and humid.

So it is nicer inside a building where there is air conditioner, unless when there is no electricity 🙂

There are lots of used, old LPs & EPs at the flea market.

We stopped at one stall that sells a lot of Micheal Jackson‘s LP & EP and over there we saw Micheal Jackson!

I saw Micheal Jackson at the Amcorp Flea Market!

There are lots of people especially at the ground floor which is the most interesting part of the flea market.

It is so nice to see so many interesting old things.

I even saw an old machine to mince meat that do not use electricity.

This stall sell old iron, photos, meat mincers, paintings and lots of other old things.
Old tricycle, stroller, bag and more at another stall.

People also sell all kinds of other old, used things like old iron, glasses, stroller, tricycle, telephones, clocks, books and lots of things that I have never seen before 😉

Old telephones, typewriter, sewing machine, clocks and others.

On the upper floor I saw a lazy Spiderman sitting on a chair and an immovable Transformer standing beside him.

Maybe Spiderman is very lazy and only during danger he’ll stand up  🙂

And the Transformer was talking to the Spiderman and telling Spiderman not to fall asleep because he(Transformer) cannot move, so he cannot do anything when danger comes  😉

The lazy SPIDERMAN and the immovable TRANSFORMER.

I hope that I can go there again because maybe there will be more interesting stuffs for me to see 🙂

The Beautiful Blue Butterfly

The beautiful blue butterfly.

A few weeks ago, when my father reached home, a blue, white and black butterfly came and landed on the stairs.

It was so beautiful.

The butterfly was not scared of me at all.

We could even touch the beautiful butterfly.

The butterfly stayed still when my father took it’s pictures and when my father stop taking pictures, the butterfly flew away.

I call the butterfly, Portedfolio Jortjolio.

Isn’t it beautiful?
This butterfly loved to pose for pictures.
I wish that it will visit me again.

Himpunan Sejuta Umat

Himpunan Sejuta Umat at the Stadium Shah Alam, Selangor.

On 22nd October 2011, I went to the ‘Himpunan Sejuta Umat’ gathering.

It was held at the Stadium Shah Alam in Selangor.

I was there from about 14:00 to 18:00.

I was standing at the VIP seats.

There were lots of people at the gathering.

It must be an important event because there were lots of reporters covering the event.

Some of the reporters rushed to a group of NGO.

I met Pak Cik Burhan, Uncle Yusri Mohamad, Uncle Feriz, Uncle Ustaz Ismail Mina, Abang Ahmad, Atuk Mansor Ahmad, the uncles from GABUNGAN, Dr. Hassan Ali, The Mufti of Perak and many more.

The speakers sat on the front row.

Over there I listen to speeches and helped my father to take photos of the gathering.

The group of popular Malaysian nasyid groups performed before the speeches started.
A part of the crowd. On the left of the front row is my mother's cousin, Uncle Khalil. He and his friends came all the way from Kedah.
On the second row, third from left is Uncle Feriz and fifth from left is Atuk Mansur Ahmad.
On the front row are the some of the speakers. From left is the Mufti of Perak Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, Dr Hassan Ali, Uncle Yusri Mohamad, Tan Sri Ibrahim Shah and Datin Seri Fatini Yaacob (the author of a popular book 'Natrah').
Another part of the crowd at the stadium.
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