A Dinner At Uncle Fauzan’s House

Last month, Uncle Fauzan invited us for dinner at his house in Kuala Terengganu.

He is my father’s good friend.

He is a flight instructor for KIST Aviation Academy (KISTAA).

Uncle Fauzan (standing on the left) in a photo from the KISTAA website.

We ate delicious mandi with hummus and salad that Uncle Fauzan cooked for us.

Mandi (Arabic: المندي‎) is the traditional dish of Yemen.

Uncle Fauzan cooked all these delicious food by himself.
The rice is really delicious too.

Uncle Fauzan is a very good cook.

I love to play the drums set and the guitar whenever we visited his house.

He has a set of drums, some keyboards, some guitars and other musical instruments.

Uncle Fauzan can play all kinds of musical instruments.

The best part of my visit was trying the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It was really fun when I’m controlling my flight so that it won’t hit the trees or falling into the sea :mrgreen:

It was very late when we went home 🙂

I'm trying hard to control my 'plane'.
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