The Book Launch Of AMoT

2 05 2011

This afternoon I attended the book launch of ‘A Map of Trengganu’ at the RA Fine Arts Gallery, Solaris Dutamas in Kuala Lumpur.

 The book is about the old days of Terengganu.

Please click here to read my post on ‘A Map of Trengganu‘. 

Here is the program of the event:

    • Uncle Raja Ahmad Aminullah gave a welcome speech.

    • A talk about AMoT by Uncle Hulaimi.

Listerning to Uncle Hulaimi’s speech. I sat at the last row on the left.
    • Book reading by Uncle Hulaimi.

    • Abang Dody recited the ‘Syair Awang Goneng’.

Abang Dody and me after his performance.

  • A song performed by Andre Goh and followed by another song by Uncle Adnan Osman (Adnang Osmang in Trengganuspeak 🙂 ).

I am very happy to meet Uncle Raja Ahmad Aminullah, Uncle Awang Goneng, Aunty Zaharah, Aunty Asma, Pok Ku Bustaman, Uncle Som, Kak Raja Nadia, Uncle Adnang Osmang, Pok Daud, Datuk Jimmy Choo and more 😉

Uncle Hulaimi talking to the press.

By the way, I really enjoyed the delicious Terengganu food prepared by Aunty Asma who is Uncle Hulaimi’s sister.

And I am very happy to meet a nice blogger, Kak Raja Nadia who is Uncle Raja Ahmad’s daughter.

Uncle Raja Ahmad Aminullah's daughter Kak Nadia and I at the event.

Congratulations to Uncle Awang Goneng on the launch of AMoT and I want to thank Uncle Raja Ahmad for inviting us to the wonderful event.

Please click here to order ‘A Map of Trengganu’.




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