Meeting Uncle Nizal Mohammad

I am so excited to meet Uncle Nizal at the book launch of 'Minda Tertawan'.

On 9th April, 2011, I met Uncle Nizal Mohammad at the book launch of “Minda Tertawan’,

Please click here for my post on the book launch of ‘Minda Tertawan’.

Uncle Nizal used to work for TV3.

But now he works for TV AlHijrah.

The programs that TV AlHijrah airs promotes good values.

I told him that TV AlHijrah should buy the rights to air ‘Small Potatoes’ and ‘The Olive Branch’ because both television series promote good values, fun and the animations are very beautiful.

They have nice and beautiful songs too.

Please click here to listen to the song, ‘Imagination’ from ‘Small Potatoes’.

‘Small Potatoes’ and ‘The Olive Branch’ are produced by the Little Airplane Productions.

TV Al Hijrah used to air another animated series from the Little Airplane Productions that I really love watching named ‘3rd & Bird’. 

Please click here for my post on ‘3rd & Bird’.

Uncle Nizal  is a very nice man.

I love to talk with him and I wish to meet him again 🙂 

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

5 thoughts on “Meeting Uncle Nizal Mohammad”

  1. Salam dearest sweet natured Ahmad Ali. It has been about a month ago since we first met. I am so glad that I met your father and the rest of the family. Most of all, meeting you was the best thing for me that day. Insya’Allah I look forward to meeting you soon. I hope we can collaborate on many other good things for the sake of Islam and mankind. Keep up your great works in your postings. I shall keep track now that I am already a registered member of your blog. 😀 Salam muhabbah always. Take care and my heartfelt warm wishes to your family ya.


    1. Dear Uncle Nizal,
      Assamualaikum. Thank you for visiting my blog and writing me a comment. I am very happy and really enjoy meeting Uncle Nizal in person. I used to watch Uncle Nizal in ‘Bicara’ on TV AlHijrah. Yes, I hope that we can work together to help many other people to do good things and to heal the world.
      By the way, last Saturday I went to ‘Islam Tergugat: Apa Tindakan Kita’ conference at Pusat Islam, near TV AlHijrah office.
      I was very happy and excited to see the office. I used to think that the colour of the office is black; but it was not 😆
      I hope to meet Uncle Nizal again soon. Don’t forget to visit my blog again 🙂 My parents send their salam to Uncle Nizal.

      Ahmad Ali


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