Cik Omar’s Barber’s Shop As In AMoT

My mother told me that in ‘A Map of Trengganu (AMoT)‘, Uncle Awang Goneng wrote about Cik Omar’s barber’s shop near Uncle AG’s house in Tanjung.

Cik Omar is Pok Mang’s son (AMoT page 147).

I wrote about it in my blog entitled, ‘My Grandfather Had A Hair Cut’.

But that was Cik Omar’s second barber’s shop.

The barber’s shop that Uncle AG wrote is not there anymore.

He rented his first barber’s shop from my great grand uncle.

Anyway, Cik Omar had retired and it was somebody else who gave my grandfather his hair cut.

I do not know Cik Omar; we got these information from our relative in Tanjung, Kuala Terengganu.

Anyway they are still using Cik Omar’s antique barber’s chair.

I really like the antique barber’s chair.

Atuk sitting on Cik Omar's antique barber's chair.

It is a very old barber’s chair and it was from Cik Omar’s first barber’s shop.

So, Uncle AG can go to the barber’s shop and sit on the antique chair to have a hair cut the next time Uncle AG go back to Tanjung.

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