Las Manos Magicas

I like to perform magic tricks like my big sister Kaman.

Anyway I was always upset because Kaman would not teach me the tricks 🙂

So I was very excited the first time I watch ‘Las Manos Magicas’.

I watch ‘Las Manos Magicas’ on NTV7.

‘Las Manos Magicas’ means ‘The Magic Hands’.

The show teaches us how to do magic tricks.

I read in the internet that ‘Las Manos Magicas’ is originally in Spanish but now it is translated to other languages and in English the show is named ‘With The Magic Hands’.

The first episode that I watched was a trick to make a coin ‘disappear’.

In Malaysia, Las Manos Magicas is aired daily on NTV7 from 8:30 to 8:31 am.

I like to watch the show because it teaches me how to do simple and interesting magic tricks 🙂

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