Stamp Collecting

A nice stamp collection. I wish I can collect all of them one day.

I’m starting a new hobby – stamp collecting.

I want to collect stamps because stamps are very colourful and beautiful.

These train stamps are beautiful.

We can learn about history, geography, animals, plants and all kinds of other things from stamps.

Flowers stamps.

But first I would need a stamp album and a stamp tong.

Then I’ll need the stamps.

I can buy the stamps or ask for some stamps from my parents, my sisters and my friends.

A Malaysian fruit stamp.

I hope I can get a stamp album and a few stamps to collect as my birthday present 🙂

Penny Black is the world's first stamp.

‘Imagination’, A Song From ‘Small Potatoes’


'Small Potatoes' flying on magic carpets.

I’ve listened the song, ‘Imagination’ from ‘Small Potatoes’ .

I think it is a very beautiful song.

Please click here for the song.

Cute 'Small Potatoes' characters.

The song says that we can imagine anything we want.

They are so cute.

I love imaginations too 🙂

Small Potatoes

Sometimes I imagine visiting castles and kings and going to faraway places.

I think that the video clip is so cute; and the colours and graphic are wonderful.

My big sisters love the video clip too 🙂

Thank you for the link to Mr. Josh Selig.

I can’t wait to watch the show.

Josh Selig is also the creator of my other two favourite TV shows, Wonder Pets and 3rd & Bird and I’m very proud and happy to receive comments from him.

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Giant Cyclone Yasi Heading For Queensland

Giant Cyclone Yasi heading for Queensland.

Giant cyclone Yasi has been upgraded to a category 5 storm.

It could be one of the most powerful storm to hit Australia.

It may be as powerful as Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans, USA in 2005.

The cyclone’s expected path  includes the cities of Cairns, Townsville and Mackay.

All aspects of this cyclone are going to be terrifying and potentially very, very damaging.

There may be bad floods and very, very strong winds may destroy cars, buildings, roads and bridges.

It is going to cause a big disaster to Australia.

I hope the people will be save in their houses.

A weather satellite image, courtesy of the Japan Meteorological Agency, shows tropical cyclone Yasi in the Coral Sea approaching the coast of Australia on February 1, 2011. REUTERS/Japan Meteorological Agency/MTSAT/Handout

Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes

I knew about this new TV show when Mr. Josh Selig sent me a comment on my post, 3rd & Bird.

Mr. Josh Selig is the founder and president of the Little Airplane Productions.

He is the creator of ‘Wonder Pets’ and ‘3rd & Bird’.

In his comment he told me about their new show, ‘Small Potatoes’.

‘Small Potatoes’ will be aired in Spring 2011.

There are four main characters in ‘Small Potatoes’.

‘Small Potatoes’ is a short form animated series.

And Mr. Josh Selig wrote to me that, ” ‘Small Potatoes’ promotes good values and is also a very cute and very musical show”.

I think Ruby is very cute.


Anyway I cannot check out the songs because I do not have a Facebook account.

I hope ‘Small Potatoes’ can promote good values and as fun as ‘Wonder Pets’ and ‘3rd and Bird’.

Please check out my new post, ‘Imagination’, A Song From ‘Small Potatoes’ to listen to a song from ‘Small Potato’ 🙂