A Bamboo Stick? No, It Is Sugar Cane!

Last week Uncle Dollah gave us a long stick and my sister Kafah and I thought that it was a bamboo stick.

Then I found out that it was not a bamboo stick but it was a sugar cane!

The sugar cane given by Uncle Dollah.

I have never seen a sugar cane before.

The sugar cane was about three and a half feet long.

I used a ruler to measure the sugar cane.

It was divided into nine sections and there were hard nodes in between the sections.

We use sugar cane to make sugar.

We can also make sugar cane juice or eat it raw.

This is how to eat raw sugar cane:

  1. You can use your teeth to peel out the hard skin and bite into the inner part and chew it. 

    You can use your teeth to peel out the hard skin.



    1. First use a big knife to cut the sugar cane stalk into sections. Your mother has to do all these for you 🙂 

      Use a big knife to peel out the hard skin.


    2. Then peel out the hard skin and wash them.

    3. Then cut the sugar cane into small pieces. 

      A plate of sugar cane pieces ready to be eaten.


    4. Put the sugar cane pieces into a plate.

    5. Then we eat it 🙂 We chew the sugar cane pieces for the juice and throw away the husk in a rubbish bin. 

      I'm eating the sugar cane.


  2. It was really fun to eat raw sugar cane and the juice tasted so sweet.

    Thank you Uncle Dollah; and I hope that maybe Uncle Dollah can give me more sugar cane ….

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