Giant Cyclone Yasi Heading For Queensland

Giant Cyclone Yasi heading for Queensland.

Giant cyclone Yasi has been upgraded to a category 5 storm.

It could be one of the most powerful storm to hit Australia.

It may be as powerful as Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans, USA in 2005.

The cyclone’s expected path  includes the cities of Cairns, Townsville and Mackay.

All aspects of this cyclone are going to be terrifying and potentially very, very damaging.

There may be bad floods and very, very strong winds may destroy cars, buildings, roads and bridges.

It is going to cause a big disaster to Australia.

I hope the people will be save in their houses.

A weather satellite image, courtesy of the Japan Meteorological Agency, shows tropical cyclone Yasi in the Coral Sea approaching the coast of Australia on February 1, 2011. REUTERS/Japan Meteorological Agency/MTSAT/Handout
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