Tao Shu

I watch Tao Shu on TV AlHijrah.

It was fun.

The  story was about Tao Shu and his sister Ling Ling.

The story teach us good values.

I read on the internet that Tao Shu is originally from Peach Blossom Media.

Tao Shu and his family are Chinese just like my grandmother.

The first episode that I watched was about a plant that cannot be pulled out.

Anyway, Tao Shu’s animation and graphic is not very beautiful.

In Malaysia Tao Shu is aired Monday to Friday on TV AlHijrah at 5:00 pm.

The cast are:

I think Pocoyo or 3rd & Bird‘s animations and graphics are much better than Tao Shu.

New Zealand Earthquake Killed 75-Pictures

A man looks for any victims amongst rubble in central Christchurch February 22, 2011. REUTERS/Simon Baker (NEW ZEALAND

Yesterday a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand.

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch in September 2010.

So far, 75 people were killed and 300 are still missing.

Lots of people are still trapped inside the damaged buildings.

Some areas are unsafe because there are lots of unstable buildings.

Police warned that the 26-story Hotel Grand Chancellor may collapse.

If that happens, it may cause disaster to the unstable buildings around it.

On Thursday, more foreign rescuers will be helping to dig out the trapped victims.

I am very sad and sorry for the earthquake victims and their families.

I hope that there will be better news tomorrow.

The quake caused ice to break from New Zealand’s biggest glacier and formed huge icebergs in the Tasman Lake.

Fallen debris lies on mangled cars in a street in Christchurch. (AFP/Logan Mcmillan)
Smoke rises from the collapsed CTV building, that housed a TV broadcaster and an English language school, following Tuesday's earthquake in Christchurch February 23, 2011. REUTERS/Tim Wimborne
An area is cordoned off after the front wall of a row of shops is destroyed following Tuesday's earthquake in the southern New Zealand city of Christchurch February 23, 2011. REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

Search crew members look through the rubble of the CTV building which was devastated by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in central Christchurch February 23, 2011. New Zealand declared a national state of emergency to cope with the effects of the devastating earthquake.REUTERS/Simon Baker

Powerful Earthquake Hit New Zealand-Pictures

In this image made from video run by New Zealand's TV3, people are seen on a street in Christchurch, New Zealand Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011 after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake rocked the city. (AP Photo/TV3 via Associated Press Television News) NEW ZEALAND OUT, TV OUT

Please click here for the updated news.

On Tuesday afternoon, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand.

It happened during lunchtime when lots of people were in the city and kids were in their schools.

Christchurch is the second biggest city in New Zealand.

So far at least 65 people were killed and a lot of people were injured.

This is a terrible disaster.

Christchurch was hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in September 2010 but nobody was killed.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake was centered 3 miles (5 kilometers) from the city at a depth of 2.5 miles (4 kilometers).

A lot of buildings were collapsed, burying lots of vehicles.

A building in Christchurch, New Zealand, is destroyed after an earthquake struck Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011. (AP Photo/NZPA, Pam Johnson)

People were trapped in collapsed buildings.

The police said there was a report of two buses crushed under falling buildings.

Roads were cracked and destroyed.

There were also reports that some parts of the roads were swallowed together with the cars.

The earthquake also caused fire and some part or the city was flooded when the pipes burst.

Rescue workers work to extinguish a fire at a collapsed building in central Christchurch, New Zealand, Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011. A powerful earthquake collapsed buildings at the height of a busy workday killing at least 65 people and trapping dozens in one of the country's worst natural disasters. (AP Photo/New Zealand Herald, Mark Mitchell) NEW ZEALAND OUT, AUSTRALIA OUT
The Christchurch, New Zealand, suburb of Bexley is flooded following an earthquake, Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011. A powerful earthquake collapsed buildings at the height of a busy workday killing at least 65 people and trapping dozens in one of the country's worst natural disasters. (AP Photo/New Zealand Herald, Mark Mitchell) NEW ZEALAND OUT, AUSTRALIA OUT

The Christchurch airport is closed.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker declared a state of emergency and ordered people to evacuate the city center.

I am very sad and sorry for the earthquake victims and their families.

I hope that the school buildings are okay and the kids are not hurt.

A car crushed by rubble from collapsed buildings is pictured after an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, in this February 22, 2011 image taken from video footage. REUTERS/TV3 via Reuters TV

People walk past rubble as they evacuate after an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, in this February 22, 2011 image taken from video footage. REUTERS/TV3 via Reuters TV



Banana is a type of fruit and I like it very much.

They are nutritious too.

They grow in the tropics.

They are very so sweet and tasty.

There are many kinds of bananas in Malaysia and the best place to buy them is at the farmer’s market (pasar tani).

When I eat bananas, I’ll say “mmmmmmmmm”.

Most ripe bananas are yellow but some of them are green, red and purple too.

The shape of a banana is like a crescent.

I like to eat porridge with fresh banana 🙂

We can also eat raw bananas with ice-cream or make them into banana milkshake.

Some bananas have to be cooked because they are not so tasty when eaten raw.

Bananas that need to be cooked

We can make banana cake, pudding and a lot other tasty dishes.

We can also fry them and they’ll become tasty and crunchy ‘goreng pisang or pisang goreng’ or banana fritters 🙂

My mother will use the over riped banana to make tasty banana balls or ‘jemput pisang’.

But I like banana in syrup or ‘sira pisang’ the most.

A basketful of ripe pisang mas, they are very sweet and tasty 🙂

And I think the ‘pisang mas’ is the tastiest banana 🙂

BBQs with Pak Cik Burhan

I love barbecues and it was really fun when Pak Cik Burhan joined us.

Baberque with Pak Cik Burhan

Pak Cik Burhan is one of my father’s best friend from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

My father’s close friends, Uncle Osman El-Mubarak, Uncle Taj and Uncle Fauzan also used to study in the USA together with my father.


Back row (L-R): ?, Megat Hisham, Mohd Ayub Amirdad, Abdul Rashid Hussien, Che Wahab Che Man, Haji Sulaiman Haji Osman, Uncle Burhan , Mohd Hussin Mohd Ali, my father A. Karim Omar, Adnan Alamasi Front (L-R): ?, Ghazali, Wan Ibrahim Wan Long, Abdul Rauff Sarail, Jani Majuni, Mohd Shukri Azam, Osman Mokhtar El-Mubarak(Uncle Osman), Tageldin As-Sanosi(Uncle Taj), Wan Abdul Azim Wan Abdullah

Last month, Pak Cik Burhan joined two of our barbecues in Kuala Terengganu when we were there for some programs.

My mother marinade the meat and my father and Pak Cik Burhan barbecued them.

We had prawns and sausages for the first barbecue with Pak Cik Burhan.

Tasty sausages and prawn barbecue.

On our second barbecue, we had mutton, onion, chicken, potatoes and sausages. 

Barbecued mutton, onion, chicken, potatoes and sausages are tasty too.


We also barbecued some chips like my father used to do in USA :mrgreen:

I helped to barbecue some mutton and chips

My mother marinade the meat and my father and Pak Cik Burhan barbecued them.

Pak Cik Burhan and my father used to go camping and had lots of barbecues together in the USA.

L-R Jailani (TJ), Che Wahab, Yazid, Rashid, Karim (my father) and Pak Cik Burhan.

I like Pak Cik Burhan because he is fun to be with 🙂

By the way Pak Cik Burhan promised me to be a cameraman for my new project :mrgreen:

mutton, onion, chicken, potatoes and sausages

Pak Cik Burhan’s Birthday

Today is Pak Cik Burhan’s birthday.

Pak Cik Burhan at Kak Tasneem’s wedding.

Pak Cik Burhan is one of my father’s best friend. His full name is Wan Burhan Wan Ismail.

They used to study at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA.

(L-R) Abdul Rashid Hussien, Che Wahab Che Man, Pak  Cik Burhan, A. Karim Omar(my father), Mohd Yazid Md Saman

I wonder if Pak Cik Burhan receives lots of presents for his birthday ❓

I sent Pak Cik Burhan a very special birthday song.

It is one of my favourite songs.

By the way, 5 days ago was my birthday.

And on the 16th Feb, 2011, my father bought me a big and delicious birthday cake.

But I’m very sad because my father did not take any photo of my birthday cake 😦 😥

I hope Pak Cik Burhan loves the birthday song that I sent him 😉 😆

Happy birthday, Pak Cik  Burhan!

Inaugural Stamps and Philately Exhibition At Muzium Negara

On 10 Feb, 2011 I went to a stamp exhibition.

The exhibition was held at the Muzium Negara (National Museum), Kuala Lumpur.

My sister Kafah and I on the way to the exhibition hall.

There were lots of stamps at the exhibition.

The exhibition hall.

Over there, I saw the Penny Black and other stamps with picture of Penny Black.

Penny Black was the world’s first adhesive postage stamp.

A photo of the Penny Black.
A photo of the Penny Black.

Since the theme of the exhibition was ‘World of Flora and Fauna’ there were mostly flowers, plants and animals stamps at the exhibition.

The stamps were beautiful and colourful.

I love Penny Black the most because Penny Black was the first stamp in the world.

There were lots of stamps and and things that are related to the postal service at the exhibition.

There were also very old mailbox, old weighing scales, an old postman bicycle, old postmark machine and other things related to the postal service in the past.

And I also saw the longest stamp in Malaysia.

An old postman bicycle.

We spent almost 3 hours at the exhibition.

I enjoyed myself at the exhibition because I could see lots and lots of beautiful, old and new stamps from all over the world.

Kafah and I at the Muzium Negara.

My 8th Birthday

My mother also gave me a stamp booklet of Keretapi Tanah Melayu train stamps.

Today is my birthday.

I am very happy to be 8!

Aunty Selina sent me a cute E-Card from Maryland, USA and I also get E-Cards from Kaman and Kashah.

I also received 5 birthday cards.

I get Abang Muhammad’s card and birthday present from Chicago this morning because Kafah forgot to collect the mail yesterday 🙂

All together I get about 35 birthday presents and 249 pieces of stamps.


Some of my birthday presents.


I am very happy because I get a stamp album and 132 beautiful stamps to start my stamp collection from my mother.

Abang Muhammad sent me 34 USA mint stamps, 15 other stamps were from Pak Cik Amin, about 6 stamps from Kaman and a stamp from Kashah.


I am looking at the stamps in the stamps album that my mother gave me.


Kaman also gave me a Malaysian mint stamp.

I also get a ‘Maisto’ Assembly Line Enzo Ferrari from my father!


My yellow Enzo Ferrari


I can assemble the beautiful yellow Ferrari myself because it is mine 🙂

I also get 2 ‘Hotwheels’ cars and a DIY metal plane from my sisters.


The DIY metal plane from Kaman.


Other presents are 3 sheets of colourful stickers, lots of nice books, a set of colouful pens and lots of other wonderful things.

And I also started my silat class today 🙂

We had a tasty Domino’s pizza birthday dinner and my mother promised me a belated birthday cake.

I hope to get more stamps for my collection :mrgreen:

My best birthday present!

Open Season 3

Open Season 3

I enjoyed watching

The story was about Boog who was sad because his forest friends cannot go on a trip with him.

Even Eliot cannot go; so Boog went to the trip with his teddy bear, Dinkleman.

Then Boog saw a poster about a Russian circus was nearby and he went there.

When he arrived at the circus, he met Doug the grizzly bear and Alistair the llama.

Then Doug tricked Boog so that he can get away from the circus.

Doug fixed Boog’s fur so that Boog looked like him.

Doug went to Boog’s place and he made himself looked like Boog.

When Boog’s forest friends met Doug, they thought that Doug was Boog.

They were happy to see him but after a while Doug became very bossy and he claimed that he was the king of the jungle.

Boog’s forest friends told Doug that it was not a jungle but it was a forest.

Eliot’s daughters, Gisela and Geselita found out that Doug was not Boog, so they asked Dani and Serge to find their mom, Giselle.

Meanwhile Mr. Weenie and his pet friends were watching the circus on TV.

When they saw Doug, they thought it was Boog.

They thought Boog was in danger and decided to save him.

Boog’s forest friends also went to the circus to save Boog after they found out that Doug was not Boog.

It was very funny when Mr. Weenie and the pets tried to save Boog together with Boog’s forest friends.

That was the part that I enjoyed the best 🙂

Anyway my prediction of the plot and the protagonist of Open Season 3 were wrong.

After watching Open Season 2, I predicted that in Open Season 3 Mr. Weenie will try to escape to go back to his forest friends and becomes the protagonist of the movie.

Mr. Anthony Angrywolf was right; in his comments he said that Boog will be the protagonist as in Open Season 1.

And Doug is the antagonist of Open Season 3.

Pity Mr. Weenie because once again he was not chosen to be the protagonist.

I think Open Season 3 will be more fun to watch if there are more nice songs like those written by Mr. Josh Selig.

A Bamboo Stick? No, It Is Sugar Cane!

Last week Uncle Dollah gave us a long stick and my sister Kafah and I thought that it was a bamboo stick.

Then I found out that it was not a bamboo stick but it was a sugar cane!

The sugar cane given by Uncle Dollah.

I have never seen a sugar cane before.

The sugar cane was about three and a half feet long.

I used a ruler to measure the sugar cane.

It was divided into nine sections and there were hard nodes in between the sections.

We use sugar cane to make sugar.

We can also make sugar cane juice or eat it raw.

This is how to eat raw sugar cane:

  1. You can use your teeth to peel out the hard skin and bite into the inner part and chew it. 

    You can use your teeth to peel out the hard skin.



    1. First use a big knife to cut the sugar cane stalk into sections. Your mother has to do all these for you 🙂 

      Use a big knife to peel out the hard skin.


    2. Then peel out the hard skin and wash them.

    3. Then cut the sugar cane into small pieces. 

      A plate of sugar cane pieces ready to be eaten.


    4. Put the sugar cane pieces into a plate.

    5. Then we eat it 🙂 We chew the sugar cane pieces for the juice and throw away the husk in a rubbish bin. 

      I'm eating the sugar cane.


  2. It was really fun to eat raw sugar cane and the juice tasted so sweet.

    Thank you Uncle Dollah; and I hope that maybe Uncle Dollah can give me more sugar cane ….

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