3rd & Bird

29 01 2011

I watch 3rd & Bird on TV AlHijrah.

It was real fun and the animation is so beautiful.

The story is about Samuel, Rudy and Muffin playing, singing, dancing and exploring all around the 3rd & Bird.

The stories teach us good values.

The characters help each other and they work together.

I read on the internet that 3rd & Bird is originally from Cbeebies.

But the first time I watched it, I thought it was from Nick Jr.

And 3rd & Bird reminds me of the Wonder Pets.

I think it is because the creator of 3rd & Bird is Josh Selig and the creative director is Jennifer Oxley.

They are also the creator and the creative director of Wonder Pets.

The first 3rd & Bird episode that I watched was ‘Go Camping  and Starry Night’.

In Malaysia 3rd & Bird is aired daily on TV AlHijrah at 3:30 pm.

The cast are:

  • Muffin – Eden Jarrett – a pre-school lovebird.
  • Samuel – Sam Lewis – Muffin’s elder brother.
  • Rudy – Morgan Gayle – Called a cockatoo in the program, but looks like a Cockatiel, Samuel’s best friend. She wears a bracelet of colored stones on her ankle.
  • Quinn – Preston Nyman – a puffin, works as an inventor; appears to be a teenager.
  • Mr Beakman – Michael Fenton Stevens – the children’s teacher, a wise toucan who frequently acts as the voice of parental authority.
  • Missy – Charlotte Leslie-Cameron – a French Great Blue Turaco.
  • Mrs Billingsley – Anna Nygh – a gardening kiwi with a New Zealand accent.

The pictures of the 3rd & Bird characters.

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14 responses

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8 04 2011
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26 02 2011
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31 01 2011
Josh Selig

Hi Ahmed,

Thanks for writing to me! I think you’ll find that the “Small Potatoes” promotes good values and is also a very cute and very musical show.

I wish you a very happy 8th birthday!



1 02 2011

Dear Mr. Josh Selig,
Thank you.
Please read my new post about “Small Potatoes”.


29 01 2011
Josh Selig

Hi Ahmad! I’m glad you like “3rd & Bird” and “Wonder Pets!” I hope you’ll check out our newest show, “Small Potatoes” which is going to begin airing all over the world in the Spring. Until then, you can check it out on Facebook!
Al my best,


30 01 2011

Dear Mr. Josh Selig,
Thank you for sending me a comment. I’m very proud and happy to receive a comment from you. I feel that this is one of my early birthday present. I’m going to be 8 years old on Feb 13, 2011. I hope ‘Small Potatoes’ will be something like ‘3rd & Bird’ and ‘Wonder Pets’ with the beautiful animation and teaching good values. I think TV shows should teach children good values, has no violence and to take care of our Earth.


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