Pantai Bari / Bari Beach

Last week. I went to the Bari Beach at Rhu Sepuluh in Terengganu.

We bought some fresh fish and huge prawns at the fish market.

We went there with Uncle Fauzan and his family.

Then we went to a stall for lunch.

Uncle Fauzan did not join us because he invited us for dinner and he had to rush home to cook a special ‘Melaka asam pedas’.

There are lots of stalls selling fresh seafood along the beach.

We ate fish, prawn, squid and fried noodle.

The seafood were fresh and tasty but I like the coconut drink the most 🙂

After we eat, we walked to the beach.

The beach is very beautiful.

There was a shipwreck on the beach.

Maybe it was  Captain Jack Sparrow‘s ship 🙂

I met a fisherman and he showed me his fish traps.

Near the fishing boat I saw some fish :mrgreen:

Before we went home, we saw a small lorry stuck in the sand.

Three of the tyres were stuck in the sand and only one tyre moved 😆

My father helped to push the lorry until all the tyres could moved.

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