Earthquake, Tsunami And Volcano Eruption In Indonesia


Debris is seen on Sipora island October 26, 2010 after a 7.5 magnitude quake hit 78 km (48 mi) west of South Pagai, one of the Mentawai islands, late on Monday. REUTERS/Handout/Special

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A powerful, 7.7-magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami that pounded villages on remote islands off western Indonesia late Monday.

At least 113 people were killed and a lot of people were missing.

Witnesses said, 10-foot (three-meter) high wave washed away hundreds of houses on Pagai and Silabu, part of the remote and sparsely populated Mentawai island chain.

On Tuesday, Mount Merapi in central Java erupted.

20 people were hurt by hot ash.

Lots of people had been evacuated from the area.

The alert level for the volcano had been raised to the highest level.


Mount Merapi



Mount Merapi spews volcanic smoke as seen from Balerante, Central Java, Indonesia, Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010. Pressure building beneath a lava dome in the mouth of Indonesia's most volatile volcano could trigger one of its deadliest blasts in years, scientists warned Tuesday, as residents living along the slopes were moved to temporary camps. (AP Photo/A.K. Hendratmo)



Mount Merapi



Mount Merapi



Mount Merapi


The Mystery Of The Special Treasure

Written And Illustrated By: Ahmad Ali


Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there were two brothers named Haily and Mr. Lee.They were hunting for a treasure.

While hunting for the treasure, they accidentally knocked their heads together. And when they found the treasure, Haily accidentally kicked the treasure chest into the water. Mr. Lee asked Haily, “Why did you do that?” Haily answered, “I don’t know…”

Mr. Lee jumped into the water to look for the treasure chest. Mr. Lee didn’t find the treasure chest, but he found a key. When Mr. Lee went back to the shore, he couldn’t find Haily.

Then Mr. Lee saw a hole. He looked into the hole and saw Haily jumping to throw the treasure chest up into their truck. Haily threw the chest the wrong way and it nearly fall on the ground! Mr. Lee ran to catch the treasure chest. Luckily, Mr. Lee caught the chest before it reached the ground. Then Mr. Lee put the treasure chest inside their truck and they drove home.

When they arrived home, Mr. Lee opened the treasure chest using the key that he found. Inside the treasure chest they found a red computer and a brown laptop. Mr. Lee chose the laptop while Haily chose the computer.

To be continued in Chapter 2.

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