Meeting Uncle Ja

On the second day of Eid, I went to Tok Teh’s  house.

Over there I met my father’s cousin, Uncle Ja.

With Uncle Ja

Uncle Ja is Tok Teh’s Son.

Uncle Ja’s real name is Wan Jailani bin Wan Abdul Razak.

Uncle Ja is a journalist.

He works as the Selangor Berita Harian‘s Bureau Chief.

Uncle Ja's business card

He taught me how to write captions for pictures in my blog.

He also showed me photos of the places that he visited, for example: Paris, Dubai, London and lots of other places around the world.

Uncle Ja said that when I grow up, I should become a journalist and not a politician :mrgreen:

Uncle Ja is fun to be with; I wish I can meet Uncle Ja again because I want to learn more about how to write good articles and stories for my blog.

I know another journalist from Terengganu, Uncle Wan Ahmad Hulaimi or Uncle Awang Goneng.

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