Photos Of A Farmer’s Market (Pasar Tani) In Kuala Lumpur

1 09 2010

Pasar tani or farmer's market.

On Sunday, I went to a farmer’s market.

In Malay, we call it ‘pasar tani’.

We went to ‘pasar tani’ to buy food.

In ‘pasar tani’, people sell all kinds fresh vegetables.

A basket filled with long beans.

Lemon grass and other herbs.

Lambuk or kemumu (Colocasia gigantea)

  • More local vegetables.
  • More vegetables...

    My mother loves to buy these...

    These are petai-but I don't eat them.

    My big sisters' (Kaman and Kashah) favourite.

    We can also buy different kinds of fruits.

    Very sweet cempedak.

    These bananas are tasty when fried or cooked in syrup; but do not eat them fresh.

    There are people selling cookies.

    Cookies for Eid.

    More cookies...

    People also sell beef in ‘pasar tani’.

    Cow's legs.

    In ‘pasar tani’ people sell chicken too.

    I love chicken 🙂

    They also sell fish and other seafood.


    More fishes...

    Pak Cik Sham sells plants and fertiliser in ‘pasar tani’.

    Pak Cik Sham and his plants.

    Some fertilzsers at Pak Cik Sham's stall.

    We can find a lot of other things too in ‘pasar tani’.

    Malaysian snacks.


    All kinds of salted fish.


    Dried, tiny fishes called 'Ikan bilis'.

    All kinds of spices.

    Dried chillies.

    Garlic-I like to eat fresh garlic.

    Shrimp paste or 'belacan'.



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    2 09 2010
    Aiman Amani

    Dear Ali,

    How can Kaman not see a photo of Ali at the pasar tani?


    3 09 2010

    Dear Kaman,
    My father did not snap any photo of me :mrgreen:


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