A Wedding Reception In Putrajaya

13 07 2010

Welcome to Kak Tasneem's wedding.

Kak Tasneem and Abang Fathi.

On Sunday July 11, 2010 there was a wedding reception in Putrajaya .

The bride was Kak Tasneem and the groom was Abang Fathi.

Kak Tasneem is Uncle Nasir Zihni and Aunty Mah’s eldest daughter.

Uncle Zih, Aunty Mah and Zunayra.

The hall was beautiful and full of fresh blue chrysanthemums and white roses.

Fresh blue chrysanthemums and white roses.

I met Ami Ma, Ustaz Ismail Mina, Pak Cik Burhan, Ustaz Luqman, Uncle Datuk Dr. Sidek Baba, Aunty Dr. Norlida and a lot of my father’s other good friends.

I ate rice with tasty chicken and mutton.

We were there for about 5 hours and I took lots of photos 🙂

Pak Cik Burhan and Ami Ma.

Kaman and my father


Silat performance

I met Uncle Datuk Dr. Sidek Baba

I was busy snapping photos at the reception.

Kashah and me.

Mama and Kaman.



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17 02 2012

Alle gut !!!


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