Aliens From Jupiter

7 05 2010

Written and illustrated by: Ahmad Ali


Once upon a time, there were aliens in Jupiter.

They have no nose, no eyes and no mouth.They only have one foot and one hand.They can jump but not high.The aliens can’t jump high because the force of gravity in Jupiter is strong.They can only walk.

One day, the aliens visited the planet Earth. They helped the people to do their works. When the aliens went back to Jupiter, some people followed the aliens 🙂

Then they played ‘4 players chess’ with an alien named Kamosa.

But when a person wanted to jump because he won the chess game, he can’t jump.



6 responses

14 10 2010

In fact, I still can’t draw the pictures that you drew now!
(continue from above comment)


14 10 2010

Dear Ali,
Your drawings, pictures and stories from Aliens from Jupiter until Aliens from Jupiter 5 are excellent! I can’t draw the pictures using ‘Paint’ as good as yours. At your age, I can’t write stories or draw the pictures as nicely and as beautiful as yours. You did a super, excellent job Ali! Well Done!


1 11 2010

Dear Kashah,
Thanks again 🙂


23 06 2010
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12 05 2010

Nice pictures


17 05 2010

Dear Kafah,


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