International Seminar On Good Governance In The Islamic World.

On May 23, 2010 I attended the ‘International Seminar On Good Governance In The Islamic World’.

The seminar was held at the Equatorial Hotel, Bangi.

It was organised by the Selangor State Government, UNIW ( Union Of NGO’s Of The Islamic World) and WADAH.

YAB Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim giving the opening address.
YB Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim giving the keynote address.

I snapped a lot of photos at the seminar.

I am very happy to meet YB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim over there.

I snapped this photo by myself.

This is the first time I meet Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim. The Turkish Ambassador was also there.

I'm listening to the speaker at the event.

Why I Want An i Pad :)


My father showed me a You Tube by Steve Jobs about the i Pad by Apple.

It looks interesting and looks like a toy.

We can read a book, watch movie, surf the internet, look at photo album and much more.

We don’t need a mouse but use our fingers to scroll.

We can turn it around and around 🙄

That looks really fun.

We can also write new posts for our blogs using i Pad.

It is light, so it is easy to be carried everywhere 😉

It is easy to carry an i Pad when we travel 😯

i Pad is good for a blogger 🙂

I wish somebody can give me an i Pad 🙂

I think Steve Jobs is a great man.

War in Bangkok? (photos)

The unrest in Bangkok between the Red Shirt and the government is getting worse.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.

At least 36 people died in the clashes so far.

A lot of people were injured.

The Red Shirt protesters set fire to tires, fired homemade rockets and threw gasoline bombs at soldiers.

Things like this is bad because it can start a war.

War is bad.

We can have a peaceful protest to fight for something important.

But we should not use violence to get what we want.

Setting fire also causes air pollution and global warming.

Parts of buildings were damaged and the rubble also caused more pollution.

This is a man-made disaster.

I hope they can find other ways to get what they want without destroying the Earth.

People need to learn that it is very important to save the Earth.

These open fire caused air pollution and global warming!

Cleaning Up Contest

Once upon a time, there was a cleaning up contest. There were 100 people who wanted to join the contest. The contest was only for one hour. The fastest person who can finish cleaning up wins the contest.

Anyway, there were only 10 people at the start of the contest. But when it was 10 more minutes before the contest ended, 90 more people came to join the contest. They were late because they lived very far.far away.

The last person who reached there tried very hard to win the contest. He did not give up. Those who were early did not try very hard. He was also very good at cleaning up because he always cleans up his toys. At last he won the contest!

The moral of the story is do not give up, always try very hard and always clean up your toys 🙂

Photos of Tornadoes In Oklahoma

On Monday  May 10, 2010 a few tornadoes hit Oklahoma.

5 people were killed and a lot were injured.

Tornadoes take things up and throw them at other places.

Tornado is also known as twister.

Tornado is a natural disaster.

A lot of houses were damaged and some were destroyed.

The tornadoes also overturned lots of vehicles.

During tornadoes we need to get into the basement to be safe.

CNN reported that another bad storm may hit Oklahoma on Tuesday.

I hope that the people there will be safe.

The photos are from Yahoo News.

A tornado damages a Love's Truck Stop at I-40 and Choctaw Road in Choctaw, Okla. on Monday, May 10, 2010. (AP Photo/Alonzo Adams)
Residents Ryshele, left, and Ivanhoe Coleman, center, walk with their daughter Rikki, right, through what is left of Prairie Creek Village, a mobile home community in Slaughterville, Okla., after a tornado struck the area Monday, May 10, 2010. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)
A business on Highway 9 is reduced to twisted metal after a tornado came through Norman, Okla., Monday, May 10, 2010. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)
Homes are in shambles in the mobile home community of Prairie Creek Village in Slaughterville, Okla.. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)
A tornado damages a Love's Truck Stop at I-40 and Choctaw Road in Choctaw, Okla. on Monday, May 10, 2010. (AP Photo/Alonzo Adams)


Pocoyo is a wonderful television show for kids from 1 to 3 years old.

Anyway big kids love to watch Pocoyo too 🙂

It teaches kids about good value and other good things.

For example, you do not have to be good at everything, do not take other people’s things, do not fight and say bad things to your friends.

The main character of the show is Pocoyo.


The other important characters are:

Ellie, the pink elephant.


Pato, the yellow duck that likes to spin its beak.


Sleepy Bird, the blue-green bird.

Sleepy Bird

Baby Bird, the Sleepy Bird’s baby.

Baby Bird

Octopus, the red octopus.


Loula, the ochre dog.


My favourite character is Pocoyo.

I like Pocoyo the best because he is so cute 🙂

Aliens From Jupiter

Written and illustrated by: Ahmad Ali


Once upon a time, there were aliens in Jupiter.

They have no nose, no eyes and no mouth.They only have one foot and one hand.They can jump but not high.The aliens can’t jump high because the force of gravity in Jupiter is strong.They can only walk.

One day, the aliens visited the planet Earth. They helped the people to do their works. When the aliens went back to Jupiter, some people followed the aliens 🙂

Then they played ‘4 players chess’ with an alien named Kamosa.

But when a person wanted to jump because he won the chess game, he can’t jump.