Stop Destroying Our Earth

27 04 2010

People like to do things that harm the Earth.

Wars, cutting down trees, littering, polluting and forest fire are some of the things that harm our environment.

Cutting down trees especially on the hillside caused landslide that will push down new trees and that tree will push down other trees; so more and more trees will be pushed down.

I think it is like playing domino; when we push down one tile, it will push down another tile and more tiles will fall down.

Littering can cause flash flood when the rubbish block the drain; the flood will damaged buildings and plants and caused water pollution and leave rubbish everywhere.

Industrial wastes from factories cause water pollution, air pollution and toxic rain.

Cars, trucks, buses, ships, boats aeroplanes and other vehicles caused air pollution.

In the cities there are lots of buildings and vehicles but not much trees.

And we are also using too much fuel energy.

We cause global warming and global warming causes disasters that destroy the Earth.



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16 08 2012

Dear Ahmad,
I think it is nice and a very good song 🙂 Why not try writing another song 🙂


20 08 2012

Dear Kafah,
Thank you 🙂 Anyway I did wrote another song entitled Stop These Wars!


3 07 2012
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29 03 2011
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21 07 2010
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15 07 2010
amna noor

i love michael jackson too much i want u to plzzzzzzz give lyrics of his song EARTH SONG on ur site an dplzz giv him tribute on thi ssite!!!


17 07 2010

Dear amna noor,
I love Micheal Jackson’s songs too because lots of the songs are about saving the earth and humanity; like Earth Song, Heal The World, We Are The World, Black Or White and a lot of other songs.
I wrote a post about ‘Micheal Jackson’s Earth Song’ and mentioned this songs in a lot of my posts about saving the Planet Earth.


17 05 2010
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