Latest List Of Europe Airport And Airspace Status(2100 GMT Tuesday)

Please click here for the latest list as of 1942 GMT Wednesday.

I am very happy that more and more stranded passengers are going home.

More airports and airspace are now open in Europe.

But it will take time to get everybody home.

Here is a list of countries as of 2100 GMT on Tuesday and their airspace status:

* Denotes new or updated item

AUSTRIA – Airspace open as of 0300 GMT Monday.

BELGIUM – Belgium has begun allowing planes to land and intends to allow some flights to depart from 1200 GMT.

BOSNIA – Airports open.

* BRITAIN – Airspace reopened at 2100 GMT.

BULGARIA – All airspace and airports open.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Airspace and airports open as of 1000 GMT on Monday. Situation to be re-assessed at 1000 GMT on Wednesday.

DENMARK – Will open most airspace from 0000 GMT Wednesday until at least 0600 GMT, opening up for traffic from Copenhagen and four other airports

ESTONIA – Airspace open until at least 0000 GMT Wednesday.

FINLAND – Airspace will be closed until at least 0600 GMT on Wednesday.

* FRANCE – Air France plans to run all long-haul flights on Wednesday, some flights to northern Europe remain suspended.

* GERMANY – Airspace restrictions will remain in place until 0000 GMT Wednesday.

HUNGARY – Hungarian airspace is fully open, the air traffic authority said around 0800 GMT on Tuesday.

* REPUBLIC OF IRELAND – Airspace reopened.

ITALY – Airspace has completely reopened.

LATVIA – Airspace open.

LITHUANIA – Airspace to remain open until at least 1800 GMT, when a new decision will taken.

LUXEMBOURG – Luxembourg Airport reopened at 0800 GMT, with flights due to start at 0900 GMT.

MOLDOVA – Moldova, which lies between Ukraine and Romania, resumed international flights from 0730 GMT.

MONTENEGRO – Airports open.

* NETHERLANDS – Passenger flights began on Monday. Night flights resumed on Tuesday.

NORWAY – Airport authority Avinor reopened all of Norway’s airspace for commercial traffic on Tuesday. The airspace will remain open until midnight GMT.

* POLAND – Will reopen airspace at 0500 GMT Wednesday.

ROMANIA – Airspace fully reopened.

RUSSIA – All airports open. Aeroflot is flying to the United States via the North Pole.

SERBIA – Airports open.

SLOVAKIA – Airspace and airports open as of 1240 GMT on Monday. Situation to be re-assessed at midnight GMT on Wednesday.

SLOVENIA – Slovenian airspace was opened at 1000 GMT on Tuesday. It had been partly closed since 0200 GMT Tuesday.

SPAIN – 17 airports open.

SWEDEN – Airspace open for flights north of a line stretching from Stromstad to Stockholm. High altitude flights over southern Sweden are allowed.

SWITZERLAND – Geneva and Zurich airports reopened on Tuesday morning though some flights were canceled at both.

TURKEY – All airports open. Planes flying out of the Black Sea cities of Samsun, Sinop and Zonguldak have been advised not to fly higher than 6,000 meters.

UKRAINE – Kiev’s Borispol airport open.

(Compiled by London Editorial Reference Unit)

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