Latest List Of Airport And Airspace Status (2045 GMT Monday)

A good news for stranded passengers!

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There are going to be more flights in European airspace.

More airspace and airport are now opens.

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Anyway the volcano under the Eyjafilljallajokull glacier is still sending ash to European airspace.

Here is a list of countries as of 2045 GMT on Monday and their airspace status:

* Denotes new or updated item

AUSTRIA – Airspace open as of 0300 GMT Monday.

BELGIUM – Air space closed until Tuesday 0600 GMT. May then allow some planes to land and from 1200 GMT some to depart. Airlines have been allowed to bring planes back to Belgium without passengers or freight.

BOSNIA – Airports open.

BRITAIN – British airspace will start to reopen to flights from 0600 GMT Tuesday.

BULGARIA – All airspace and airports open.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Airspace and airports open as of 1000 GMT on Monday.

DENMARK – Airspace open for flights above 10,800 metres (35,500 feet). Airspace below this height closed all Monday.

ESTONIA – Airspace open from 0000 GMT to 0600 GMT Tuesday.

* FINLAND – Airspace closed until 1500 GMT Tuesday.

* FRANCE – Plans to progressively reopen airports and create air corridors from 0600 GMT. Air France will start resuming suspended flights from Tuesday.

* GERMANY – Airspace closed, with some exceptions, until at least 1200 GMT Tuesday.

HUNGARY – Airspace fully open as of 1000 GMT Monday.

IRELAND – Ryanair, Europe’s largest low-cost carrier, cancelled all flights to and from northern Europe until mid-Wednesday. Aer Lingus will operate full transatlantic schedule Tuesday. Aims to operate majority of European schedule after 1200 GMT. Airspace restrictions continue until 0400 GMT.

ITALY – Airspace to reopen from 0600 GMT.

LATVIA – Airspace closed at least until Monday 1800 GMT. Transit flights permitted above an altitude of 6 km.

LITHUANIA – Airspace open.

LUXEMBOURG – Airspace closed until Monday 1800 GMT.

MONTENEGRO – Airports open.

NETHERLANDS – Passenger flights left Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport from 1800 GMT Monday.

NORWAY – Air traffic open in most of Norway, including Oslo Gardermoen Airport, and looks set to stay open until midnight based on latest forecast, airport authority Avinor says. Only limited areas in northern Norway are closed for traffic.

POLAND – Four Polish airports including Warsaw and Krakow have reopened.

ROMANIA – Airspace fully reopened.

RUSSIA – All airports open. Aeroflot is flying to the United States via the North Pole.

SERBIA – Airports open.

SLOVAKIA – Eastern airspace open, as is the rest of its airspace for flights above 7,500 metres. Bratislava airport closed.

SLOVENIA – Slovenia expected another cloud of ash to reach its airspace around 1200 GMT Monday. It was then likely to close its airspace again, after opening it on Sunday night.

SPAIN – 17 airports open.

SWEDEN – Airspace open for flights north of a line stretching from the southern city of Gothenburg to Stockholm. Scandinavian Airlines resuming domestic flights in unrestricted airspace as well as flights between Stockholm and Oslo.

SWITZERLAND – Flight ban until at least 0600 GMT Tuesday. No instrument-guided flights will be allowed to land or take off at Swiss airports. Transit permitted at an altitude above 6,400 metres (21,000 feet).

TURKEY – All airports open. Planes flying out of the Black Sea cities of Samsun, Sinop and Zonguldak have been advised not to fly higher than 6,000 metres.

UKRAINE – Kiev’s Borispol airport open.

This list is from Reuters News.

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