7.7 Earthquake Hit Indonesia

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit Sumatra at 5:15 am Indonesian time, 125 miles from Sibolga.

Sibolga is in North Sumatra.

It is 448km southwest of Pangkor Island in Malaysia.

So far there is no report of damage.

The Indonesian Meteorological and Geophysics Agency issued a tsunami warning.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department also issued a tsunami warning to coastal areas in Perlis, Penang and Kedah.

People in high buildings in Malaysia felt the earthquake.

There had been lots of earthquakes in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Indonesia is in the Ring Of Fire.

On Sunday a 7.2 earthquake hit Mexico.

Haiti and Chile were also badly hit by earthquakes this year.

Earthquake is a natural disaster.

There were small tsunamis in Banyak Islands and Teluk Dalam, Indonesia.

The tsunami warnings had been canceled.

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

7 thoughts on “7.7 Earthquake Hit Indonesia”

  1. thanks dear ahmad.
    Tasikmalaya formerly known Sukapura.
    At first called the area then called Tawang Sukapura or Galunggung. Often also called Tawang-Galunggung. Tawang means ‘rice’ or ‘where a wide open’. The mention of Tasikmalaya appeared for the first time that the region erupted Galunggung Sukapura turned into Tasik ‘lake, sea’ and Malaya from the (ma) layah meaningful ‘ngalayah (dotted)’ or ‘coastal mountain range in Malabar (India)’. Tasikmalaya has the meaning ‘keusik ngalayah’, meaning a lot of sand everywhere.
    Galunggung is the name of the mountain.
    yes there are lake, little lake but much, like “situ gede”.and many more.
    in Tasikmalaya there is a village named “village dragon” see the picture http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berkas:View_of_Naga_village.jpg
    Kampung Naga is a village inhabited by a group of very strong community in holding the relics of ancestral customs, in this case is the traditional Sundanese. Like the Bedouin settlements (badu’i), Kampung Naga became the object of anthropological study of the life of rural communities in the transition from the Sundanese Hindu influence to the influence of Islam in West Java.

    I hope you visit tasikmalaya. and I’m very happy if you come..and I would invite you to visit historic sites and many more great places.


  2. assalamualaikum dear ahmad.
    how are you today..
    yesterday I went back to Tasikmalaya, because my house is there,
    Tasikmalaya located in the east of the city of Bandung. two-hour journey from bandung.
    now I’m living in the city of Bogor.
    thanks dear ahmad for the link of http://tedisobandi.wordpress.com that you put on your blog..I say many thanks, and so much.
    oh yes dear ahmad recently, many disasters in Indonesia and the earthquake, ranging from earthquakes in Tasikmalaya and was followed in the Sumatran (padang)
    tahanks dear ahmad for your news.


    1. Dear tedi,
      You are welcome. I am very sad about the disasters in Indonesia. Indonesia is in the Pacific Ring Of Fire.
      I went to Bandung in 2005. I visit a volcano named Tangkuban Perahu but not Tasikmalaya. Why is the place named Tasikmalaya? Is there a lake? And why is it named Malaya?
      May be one day I can visit Tasikmalaya.


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